Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Obama DoJ: Forget ISIS, U.S. 'anti-government' groups bigger threat

When reporting on the DOJ’s new Domestic Terrorism Counsel, InfoWars noted that, historically, the Justice Dept. and the Department of Homeland Security characterized libertarians, conservatives and constitutionalists as militia-inspired “domestic extremists” and encouraged scrutiny of “Americans who oppose abortion, illegal immigration and the rapid growth of the government, all of which are views shared by a plurality of Donald Trump supporters.” Yes, as we can see, “extreme” is in the eye of the beholder. And that is what makes the DOJ’s new Domestic Terrorism Counsel cause for concern. ~ Michelle Jesse @ Allen B. West
Doesn't take a genius to read between this administration's Orwellian double-speak. 'Anti-government' means pro-liberty.

Boy, these freaks in the Justice Dept. hate the American people so. Perhaps the rise of these so-called 'anti-government' groups are on their minds because of what they've done, what they're doing and what they still plan to do with our once lawful governmental system? Just a thought...
CNN: Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday.

To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.

Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, who oversees national security at the Justice Department, announced the new position -- the Domestic Terrorism Counsel -- following a number of violent attacks or plots against the U.S. that he said were motivated by "anti-government views, racism, bigotry and anarchy, and other despicable beliefs."
Huh. Switch around the 'anti' to 'pro' in this CNN report and many of those same charges more accurately describe our current Big Government's oppression against the American People to the tee!

As with the modern lib media, the current lawless regime racializes everything, openly promotes the derision of every situation under the sun to the boiling point of anarchical frenzy, and is the epitome of despicable, particularly when it comes to the Left's anti-American beliefs. But you're the problem, ya see.

Damn you for wanting your God-given freedom.

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