Friday, May 6, 2011

You decide...

Even though we're only seeing the initial semblance of Republican candidates to emerge, the GOP presidential debates move forward with their first stop held last night in South Carolina.  And rather than elaborate here on what I thought (for now, anyway), I'll simply provide yet another venue for your viewing in case you missed it.  What I will quickly mention, though, is that ALL five of these guys, in their own unique ways, fearlessly tackled Obama's destructive policies, and that's definitely a first step in the right direction!

The consensus of the focus group following last night's debate was that Cain won!  If there's one piece of advice that I could give, it's to not get caught up in the 'applause tactics' implemented by particular divisions of the audience.  Rather, YOU decide...

ADDENDUM: Here's venturing beyond the "for now"...I was going to mention this one in a separate posting; however, in light of the debate last night, a certain AP article that Sweetness & Light observantly dissected might provide a more constructive forum for thoughts on Republican matches to Obama's foreign policy...well, that is for the three contenders in the middle being flanked by our libertarian duo.

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