Wednesday, May 18, 2011

‘Speculators’, my @$$! This is Obama’s inflation.

Rising gas prices, rising beef prices, overall rising prices of energy and food, compounded by a slumped housing market with a pessimistic outlook for improvement, and a weakened dollar that's killing domestic sales while exploding international dealings, demonstrate not only how one effects the other, but illustrate the many soft patches in our sluggish economy. Welcome to what no reporter really wants to say: “This is Obama’s inflation!”

The affront to our oil supply is enough to site the either cluelessness or purposeful intent of this dysfunctional government, with either notion resulting in impending disaster for our economy. First, Obama works through his goon squad (a.k.a. ‘the EPA’) to ban offshore drilling, double speaking to the base about energy independence while continuing to promote foreign importation from unstable nations, as if we can’t see that this will drive up the price. We’ve got rising gas prices because of rising oil prices, and we’re supposed to believe we don’t need more domestic drilling and refining? And now to boot, Obama ‘says’ he might be willing to extend existing oil leases and ramp up lease sales. Good, right? Well, besides switching to a toned-down ‘drill, maybe, drill’ philosophy that’s obviously for political purposes only, the approval of these leases has to go through Obama’s EPA. And expanding anything at this point, instead of a decade ago, won’t reap any benefit to consumers NOW. Meanwhile, we’ve got AG Holder still after oil execs, while Energy Sec. Chu relishes rising gas prices…Obama’s inclination to keep both on board further illustrates he’s not serious about these leases or doing anything real to ease the pain. It’s all a part of his grand scheme, which if you recall under his plan, prices would "necessarily skyrocket.”

Without mentioning every destructive policy implemented by this president, this alone should have sounded major alarms before the 53% of voters blindly placed this man in the White House!

Speaking of, we haven’t even touched the trillions wasted in useless scams to keep our economy from collapsing following the proclaimed “worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.” So many catch phrases, along with so many sky-is-falling, Cloward-Piven tactics used by the Obama Administration to further erode American Exceptionalism.

How can this not be an effort to remove us from the top spot on the world stage? The spending and debt that this administration has racked up has severely weakened our currency. There are always speculators, but in this case, they’re being used as just another convenient scapegoat to the more dire non-energy and over-regulatory policies of this administration. We are entering a period of inflation that the MSM wants to keep hidden away on page 13, when it could have been averted, save for Obama’s arrogant leadership of wanting what he wants when he wants, knowing that we wouldn’t have the money to spend towards his massively Marxist entitlementopia. And if these destructive policies aren’t reason enough for new leadership, as well as a new direction in 2012, then we truly are a lost society.

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