Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who’s Jon Huntsman?

Well, he’s only the former Ambassador to China under Obama, who wants to run as a Republican candidate for president, silly.

Chet Arthur’s American Thinker article helps us to understand exactly who this wordsmith is: “The United States has a generational opportunity to reset our position in the world based on affordability.” Reset…reset…where have I heard that before? Oh yeah… 

“Recall, Hillary Clinton famously presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with the red, plastic "reset" button. It meant that we would let the Russians take a Mulligan on their brutal aggression against Georgia in 2008. We wouldn't mention anything about those Russian journalists who keep turning up, mysteriously dead. We wouldn't get pushy about Russian pressure against Ukraine.

Let's just reset. The only problem with resetting with the Russians was that Hillary got the spelling of the Russian word for reset wrong. Her State Department cookie pushers translated the word in Russian as "overcharge." Well, we are still paying the Russians to dismantle their nuclear arsenals (the effect of which is to allow them to modernize their rusting missile silos and send us the bill. So, overcharge is exactly what they are doing to us…” 

After further questions regarding his use of the word, as well as what we’re sure to hear from the establishment media concerning his inflated skills as a diplomat and fluency in Mandarin Chinese, Mr. Arthur ends this piece with the most important questions of all:

“In short, what did we Americans gain from his having been President Obama's choice to represent us in China? It seems that when Obama was riding high, Jon Huntsman was riding behind him in the saddle. When the ride got rougher, Huntsman jumped off and claimed he was only going along to serve his country. If only Charlie Crist could speak Mandarin. Wouldn't he be the perfect replacement for Jon Huntsman in Beijing?”

Sound like a ‘serious’ candidate to you, now that you know more about “Who?”

ADDENDUM:  Besides working under Obama and cozying up to China, it's a stretch to even consider the guy a conservative when he extols the virtues of Cap & Trade...

...which he now seems to be backing away from as he eyes a Republican presidential candidacy.  And this is only one of several liberal-leaning approaches he'd take towards leadership.  Check out this GREAT ad produced by Verum Serum on Huntsman's views towards climate change, a healthcare 'right', and the stimulus, among his bold ideas...


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