Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the government is taking away

Steve Wynn had a poignant talk with Neil Cavuto last night about how Obama’s economic policies are hurting the economy and the working class.  Listen to what Wynn has to say about Obama's 'disingenuous' and repetitive line, "Millionaires and Billionaires should pay their fair share."

Wynn's conclusion incites an overwhelming sense of clarity, even for Cavuto!

Everybody talks about what the government is giving them, but hardly anybody talks about what the government is taking away. And I am telling you, and it’s clear in every measurement that you can look at, that the standard of living, the quality of life of the working class of America, is being deteriorated in real time because of the falling value of the dollar. When the prices at Walmart go up, when the price at the grocery store goes up, when the price at the gas pump goes up, you can say that it’s because of the disturbance in the Mid-East, that’s maybe part of it, you can say that because of worldwide demand of food is higher, but the fact of the matter is that’s a fraction of the increase. What’s happening is the dollar is getting cheaper…That’s what’s really going on here. Nobody in the government ever talks about what they’re taking away from the working people in this country. And I think the most important thing that’s gotta be done is the truth has to come out. The populist rhetoric is very carefully designed to hide the truth.

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