Friday, April 8, 2011

‘The Don’ is like a pit bull!

Like him or not, Donald Trump fearlessly expresses his opinion on whatever topic presented. ‘Timidity’ is not in his vocabulary. One that he’s holding on to like a pit bull is the matter of Obama’s authenticity.
Whether on Today

…or on The Sean Hannity Show

…the man’s not backing down!

Also though, particularly with Hannity’s interview, I think we’re beginning to see a bit more of where Trump stands on other issues of conservatism. Whether you believe him or not is one thing, or whether he could get the Republican nomination is another, and I think he’s WRONG about Paul Ryan’s budget proposal being “too far out”; but with that said, he ended the interview with a candid message: “…I’m fine with all of the social issues at a very conservative level, but you can’t let the social issues knock out a candidate that’s going to be Obama, because ultimately you have to beat Obama.” I understand what he’s saying here, but I’d have to proclaim that “all of the social issues” are just as much a part of being a ‘conservative’ as all of the fiscal matters, because one effects the other. What “Republicans cannot do to themselves” is select another McCain come the primary. That should be a concession that no conservative seeks to quarrel with.

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