Friday, April 1, 2011

The budget battle is here!

The battle over out-of-control spending on Capitol Hill is heating up. We’ve heard numerous conservative members discuss the consequences if we don’t start handling this runaway debt train. Simultaneously, we continue to observe a waffling Republican leadership fearful of a shutdown, and a Democrat Party who is rhetorically ready to pounce on the opportunity to blame the other side, while holding no qualms concerning the hemorrhaging spending levels. In fact, with the Republican leadership’s frozen inaction, the Democrat leadership is perfectly willing to continue and even increase spending levels! News Flash: “The atmosphere that allowed Bill Clinton, the Democrats and their allies in the media to blame the shutdown on the Republicans does not exist today. In fact it is the polar opposite. The Republican leadership of the House and Senate need to understand that.”

Levin discussed a few calculations from Jim Bianco’s 2008 research focusing on the enormous cost of the Bailouts from the Bush-to-Obama handoff, and in turn, compares these numbers with the increase of irresponsible spending infused by the policies of the Obama administration. The abysmal conclusion is striking to say the least. When these numbers are adjusted for inflationary cost – the Marshall Plan ($115.3B), the Louisiana Purchase ($217B), the Race to the Moon ($237B), the S&L Crisis ($256B), the Korean War ($454B), the New Deal ($500B), Iraq ($597B), Vietnam ($698B), NASA ($851.2B), altogether totaling $3.92 trillion – Levin makes the point, “In the last 4 years, 2008: we’ve had a $455 billion deficit, 2009: a $1.416 trillion deficit, 2010: a $1.3 trillion deficit, and this year it’s expected to be $ 1.65 trillion! So in the last two-and-a-half years, the deficit alone…under this President and his Congress equals MORE than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the Race to the Moon, the S&L Crisis, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the New Deal and the Invasion of Iraq and NASA! But they found another ten billion to cut. Does that give it some perspective?”

Yet we still have far too many “Repubics” that want to go along to get along with THIS?! A succinct message, perhaps the most important message, to Speaker Boehner…

A quarter of the way through this new year…it is time to decisively ACT for the purposes that the People placed you into office!  Remember November? Mr. Boehner, the Left NEVER waits, NEVER hesitates!  Governors Walker and Kasich have engaged on the state level. DeMint, Rubio, Pence, Bachmann, King, Ryan, West, Paul and many more have engaged on the national level.  Why are we waiting for Republican leadership at this crucial time of political battle?

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