Thursday, April 14, 2011

deal or no deal (UPDATE)

The hits just keep rolling with the 'historic' deal cut on Friday that sent the Establishment and beltway pundits alike celebrating in jubilant proportions.  Well, the celebratory spirits might finally be replaced with the realism of what the CBO numbers tell us about the deal that the House will be voting on sometime Thursday.  Our leadership-championed budget deal cuts this fiscal year's deficit by just $352 million, not the $38 billion touted.  And oh, look...National Review finally decided to join the rest of us...good to see.  A little more than a 'strike one', but who's counting, right?  Steyn reminds us, "as Congressman Huelskamp pointed out, that’s about what the government of the United States borrows in two hours."  Mark my words, by the time this is over, there will be NOTHING resembling a cut in this deal.  The vote should be a profound NO, followed by a "yes, we can make this better."  However, I think the GOP leadership is ready to stick a fork in this one and call it their own detriment.  Should've titled this one "Hell to pay!"

UPDATE: The House passed this earlier today, then rushed to the Senate where it flew through with lightning speed.  Nothing for nothing...

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