Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to IDIOCRACY? Working out (and past) the SC letdown

So, South Carolina...what a letdown. Trump wins, Rubio takes second, less than a thousand votes over Cruz, and all at the hands of an open primary system where even Democrats can vote for the Republican nominee, as if that somehow makes sense? Only to the politically conniving. But my gut tells me it's more dire than even that. It's more unfortunate that we have Republican voters, many professing Faith, and just as many who reside within the baby boomer generation, duped by both media and campaign propaganda. Whether they're working in conjunction or not is of little consequence, the outcome is the same: deviate voters as far from the three devout C's as possible...Christianity, Constitutionality, Conservatism. There are still many positives and refreshing pauses that can't be overlooked (one being that Jeb's OUT!), just as there are many other critical things to consider, like what we're missing...
TheCommonTruth: Many of us have been laser focused on the election; so much so that we tend to miss some things in the bigger picture. A good example outside the election is why there have been no charges brought against Hillary Clinton in the face of overwhelming evidence of her breach of National Security. Yet, what of the big picture in the election itself and how it is being orchestrated?

Many people do not delve deep enough into details. They don’t ask, how did someone pull ahead, drop down or what was the chess move that ended in a certain result. They see a win such as in South Carolina and think “the voters have spoken”. Which voters? You will be surprised to know that in an open caucus state such as SC, Democrats mobilized in droves – and voted for a GOP candidate.

So ask, why would they do that and what proof is there? To answer the former, in the bigger picture, Democrats want the most defeatable candidate to win the GOP primary. They see the fractured GOP field and trust me when I say, their analysts know who caps out in support in a one on one matchup.

For the latter question on proof, I offer this great summary by Michael Harrington and his “Perspective of the SC Primary”. I will leave the analysis for you to decide because I want to keep this simple.

We are missing some pretty major things in this race. We have two candidates caught with some pretty bad history and background calling a third candidate a liar and its sticking. It is not based in truth yet; it is sad so often, so loudly (just as liberals do) that it starts to become the truth. They even have help from a 4th candidate who is pretty much last in the field supporting them with lies.

As a man of integrity, I hate lies. I hate false accusations more than name calling. If you call me bad names I can shrug it off as your problem. If, however; you question my integrity, you push a button I cannot stand. I feel the same way about the false attacks on Ted Cruz. It makes me ill to see politics stoop to this level so I will be blunt.

Donald Trump is a liar. He uses attacks and lies to “disarm” people from looking at who he really is. They ignore his past and only hear his slurs. He basically takes the spotlight off himself and puts it squarely on whom he wants to destroy with no basis in fact. The sad part is the media is not doing a good job on fact checking so his mud sticks in people’s minds who don’t check for themselves. Plus, since he gets all the free media he desires for his drama, he stays in people’s minds at no cost.

Marco Rubio is a liar. He is so ready to hide what he has stood for in the past that the only way to shift the focus off of himself is to cast that evil spotlight on another. I have watched him in debate after debate, speech after speech boldly lie and make it sound like it is the gospel truth. When a member of the gang of 8 tells people again and again “I have never been for amnesty” how is that not the biggest lie of them all? Add to that, anything that occurs that harms him, he blames Ted Cruz. No proof but it is automatically Ted Cruz. Why? Because Ted Cruz is a threat and he cannot beat him fairly so he uses slur tactics.

Ben Carson is a liar. Yes, he is and he is out to be a spoiler who will sell his vote to whomever is offering the best deal when they win. He is not staying because he thinks he has a chance. He is staying because he does not want to drift into obscurity and not play for a seat at the table. Also, if you don’t think Ben and CNN were the cause of the recent Carson gate, then you better check the timeline and events much closer. Here is a good read on “What actually happened”. Note also that Marco Rubio was a full participant in the event yet; Ben Carson has not called him out on it and notice Rubio blasting Ted Cruz for something he did himself.

So what is the real truth many have been missing? The truth is the candidate with the best record bar none, who has all through his campaign tried to speak highly of the others and has only responded to overwhelming attacks, is being cast in the wrong light. You are missing one of the greatest opportunities in a lifetime to have a real leader.

I ask you to consider casting off the lies, look for yourself and not what you see on social media. If you are Christian, to not be fooled by evil antics and search the values of the one true Christian in this race. You must ask yourself “what am I missing?” and picture the temperaments of each candidate and what that looks like as President. Do you want a bombastic rude and selfish man? Do you want a party poster child who has shown he is willing to cut deals? Do you want a true constitutional conservative who has the plans to help us?

​If you don’t choose correctly, we all suffer. That is what you have been missing.
And in so many ways, from our immediate destinies to the future of our children's and our children's children, across the socio-political spectrum, Obamacare, immigration, SCOTUS appointments, everything, all effecting Life and Liberty for years, decades, generations to come...that's where we're at in this pivotal decision. It's time to live by what we profess and mean it, Americans.

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