Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The strongest defense frames the necessary offense: Cruz takes the gloves off in honest critique of Trump & Rubio

While TrumpRubio and their minions scamper about South Carolina and other parts, attacking the character of Cruz with more silly accusations, all the while glossing over their own mixed bags of dishonesty, the Texas Senator took a unique opportunity to lay out the case before the cameras of just how severely lacking his opponents records truly are...

Earlier today, the Cruz campaign handed out fliers (accompanied by an easel exhibit!) at a press conference which lists The Real Donald Trump's donations to, surprise, Democratic politicians. Hey, if the truth offends, then look to Donald, because it's his own record! How is this possibly justified?!
Also handed out was Trump's cease-and-desist letter demanding Cruz pull an ad that highlight’s Trump’s past support of abortion and planned parenthood
Here's the latest ad:

And here's Cruz's response:

So with Trump threatening to file some bogus suit against Ted for daring to tell the truth about Donald, Cruz takes off the gloves and doesn't simply just dare Trump to, but calls his bluff in a bigger way, saying, "I may not use outside council, I may take the deposition myself!"

Source: Twitchy

Then of course with Rubio, much of it has to do with the denial of an immigration record that echoes Obama, while hiding behind a foreign tongue...
TRS: Ted Cruz has just released a brutal new ad exposing Rubio’s amnesty betrayal and how Rubio was using Obama’s amnesty talking points to sell it. There’s even a clip in it where Obama is praising Rubio for his amnesty efforts.

TRS: Ted Cruz has released another blistering ad aimed at Marco Rubio, exposing his lies about his Univision interview on DACA:

Nice touch on that last one with the Rush soundbite & Beck at the end!

Cruz says Rubio is "behaving like Donald Trump with a smile."

Cruz called in to Levin tonight to discuss how he's gone on the offense with a powerful defensive strategy that exposes Trump and Rubio's wobbly records...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Sen. Ted Cruz calls in to defend himself against Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. For one, Trump keeps threatening these frivolous lawsuits against Cruz. Donald Trump’s lawyers are numb-skulls if they move forward with a lawsuit against Ted Cruz. A defamation lawsuit against Cruz brought by Trump would be thrown out of court. Trump is used to getting his way, by threatening lawsuits and it won’t work with Cruz who is inviting Trump to sue him. Many who support Trump would have supported Ross Perot in the 90’s. Also, the Republican establishment has now gotten behind Marco Rubio. It is made even more obvious because now Gov. Nikki Haley in South Carolina has endorsed him. The establishment is willing to elect Rubio in spite of his support of the Gang of 8 and pledged not to immediately rescind Obama’s executive order on amnesty.

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