Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Debunking the CLOWN SHOW that is the Cruz/Carson NONTROVERSY (Trump took the baseball bat to Carson!) (ADDENDUMS)

"Well, we're back to stupid..."

And it takes the Great One to unspin the latest media-twisted, Trump-wound, Rubio-antagonized, Cruz/Carson NONtroversy...
TRSMark Levin opened his show tonight debunking the nontroversy that Carson was going to drop out of the race, playing the full audio from CNN and reading the email that was sent out by the Cruz campaign, putting it to rest once and for all.

Below is the full audio from his opening segment. You should listen to it all, as he explains at the end what really happened to Carson’s vote via a fantastic audio compilation of Donald Trump trashing Carson in November.

But if you can’t listen to it all, listen to at least the first half of it where he debunks this nontroversy:

Just for the record, here’s the screenshot of the email that was sent out:

Which was much milder than the way the Rubio camp interpreted Carson's odd departure (which actually came FIRST, check the time)...

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Furthermore, Donald Trump's got FAR MORE to do with Carson's low caucus numbers than Cruz ever could have...
CR: Tonight, on his nationally syndicated radio program, Mark Levin went through the "controversy" surrounding the Cruz campaign and a tweet about CNN. Donald Trump is calling for Iowa to vote again because of Fraud. It makes it look as if Trump is defending Carson.

In addition to going through the absurdity of Trump's current attacks, Levin reminded his listeners of how Trump took a "baseball bat to Carson" back in November.

Levin reminded the audience that Trump likened Carson to a "child molester" among many other things. Trump questioned Carson's faith. It was all in all very nasty.

As for the CNN report that started all of this take a look at the actual report, as it appeared 16 minutes before the caucuses started. Note what CNN host Dana Bash says about Carson and the seriousness of his campaign. Bash said, "if you want to be President of the United States, you don't go home to Florida."

That's what started all of this that has consumed the media for 48 hours. This is what is driving the coverage, not what really matters, the issues.
And the Donald that showed a smidgen of class after finishing 2nd Monday night, well, that Donald's gone, and the arrogant jackass has returned.

Folks, this is the difference between an unhinged three-ring circus that's 'losing it'...

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...and a sane, substantive, QUALIFIED contender!

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Facts are stubborn things, Donald...yet here they are for all to hear and see!

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And if you caught that ABSURDITY in the last video, Trump's now claiming he actually came in FIRST in Iowa! Who's pathological, again? Who's the maniac?

New Hampshire, it's now up to you to put this egomaniac in his place and end this sideshow, please.

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ADDENDUM: Via Steve Deace...

ADDENDUM II: Horowitz says it all...

It's Time for Carson to Look in the Mirror
Ben Carson needs to take accountability for his own campaign's misgivings before attacking others.

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