Monday, February 15, 2016

Limbaugh, Levin react to Trump making an ASS of himself at SC debate

In talking to several Trump fans over the weekend, who after watching his damnable behavior Saturday night at the South Carolina debate proceeded one after another to tell me how they were "Done!" with this clown, you can imagine the anticipation shared by those of us who want an actual conservative as our nominee to see what the Big Boys in talk radio would have to say about it on Monday...and it was as precisely critical as it only could have been...

First this morning, El Rushbo...
TRS: Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that Trump sounded like the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, and your average MSNBC host at the debate on Saturday night:

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Then by the end of the evening, The Great One...
TRS: Mark Levin didn’t hold back tonight as he went nuclear over Donald Trump’s comments blaming Bush for 9/11 and saying Bush intentionally lied about WMDs. He said Trump sounded like a radical kook, pointing out that Ronald Reagan would have never said what Trump said.

Levin defended Bush from the slanderous allegations made by Trump, arguing that we know exactly what happened because it’s been investigated over and over and there’s never been any evidence of Trump’s claims.

Levin called Trump a liar and said he’s crossed the line.

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