Thursday, February 4, 2016

How can someone so UNFAVORABLE be so popular?

How indeed? Besides the seduction of populism, it's gotta be something more than the stardom...
Inquisitr: To hear Trump stumpers tell it, Donald is the clear and dominant choice for president. However, Gallup is suggesting the exact opposite. According to the popular polling service, Donald Trump is viewed unfavorably by three out of every five people asked about the Republican candidate.

That 60 percent of those asked view Trump unfavorably might not be surprising given his recent controversies. However, the Washington Post points out why this poll result is so remarkable.
“[Donald Trump’s unfavorability is] the highest among the Republicans and the highest of any candidate in the race at this point.

It’s so high, in fact, that Gallup’s Frank Newport wanted to see how it compared to the peak unfavorable ratings earned by every candidate back to 1992, when Gallup began tracking the data as it does now.”
What Gallup determined is that Donald Trump is the most unfavorable candidate within the past 25 years of American history. Democrat or Republican, no person running for the office of president has managed to be viewed so unfavorably.
A similar assessment could be made of Hillary Clinton, who earned a 52% unfavorability rating. This piece tosses around some theories as to 'why?', but here's the crux of why this populism is likely detrimental...
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that outside of his base and the large bubble of support is an even greater bubble, one filled with Americans far too embarrassed by the notion of a Donald Trump type in office. This, more so than the recent Gallup poll, might prove to be Donald Trump’s undoing.
Allow me to also contribute the simple notion of idiocracy. It's one thing to supposedly 'tell it like it is,' but it's quite another if that telling isn't backed by consistent principles proven to benefit our civil society (i.e., conservatism, constitutionality, Judeo-Christian values). Else, stupidity replaces ignorance in the pursuit of political bliss.

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