Friday, February 26, 2016

Levin on Rubio's lies: 'He's a front man for Amnesty!'

Rubio absolutely landed some fun little jabs during last night's debate, but what this jokester seeks to accomplish (and folks are falling for it) is to split Cruz's vote at a crucial moment, which will inevitably insure a Donald Trump nomination, because there's no way Rubio can catch up at that point any more than any other candidate. On top of that, folks are missing the deceptive side of this guy that Levin continues to warn against...
Rubio promoted the gang of 8 bill that would have nearly doubled the immigration of low skilled workers to the U.S. Rubio is a front man for amnesty and though he may have changed how he would pass the law he still supports the principle. He speaks fast, has a thin record of accomplishment and is now calling people who challenge him on his record as liars. In addition, Rubio is the weakest among Trump and Cruz and will lose to Hillary Clinton. Also, it’s not just the establishment that is pulling for Rubio but Trump is too. Trump wants to face Rubio because he thinks he can beat him easily. ~ ML, 2/24/16
Following the unsurprising Nevada caucus, Levin completely exposed Rubio’s lies, emphatically explaining how HE’S A FRONT MAN FOR AMNESTY...
Mark Levin spent his first hour exposing Rubio’s amnesty lies, calling him a front man for amnesty in his first segment and warning that Rubio may seriously be a manchurian candidate in his last segment.

Cause you're fooling yourself if you think it is, folks.
Marco Rubio hasn’t won one state primary yet and the establishment is pulling for him to win the nomination. Currently, he is campaigning not to beat the frontrunner, Trump, but the man in second place, Ted Cruz. Rubio thinks that if he takes out Cruz he will put himself in position to beat Trump. However, he can’t win the nomination because he is a full-throated supporter of amnesty. While he won’t succeed in winning the primary, Rubio may succeed in taking down the only full blown conservative man in the race, Ted Cruz. ~ ML, 2/25/16
I would admit that Rubio would likely serve more conservatively than Trump...but what's that saying at the cost of inundating Americans with newly amnestied Democratic citizens seeking new benefits, like RubioCare?

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