Monday, February 29, 2016

Home state math points to Trump's one impediment: CRUZ!

With a day to go until the SEC of politics, it's beneficial to consider some honest political math that everyone should be able to understand. It's about how the candidates are doing in their home states, and what that means for post-SuperTuesday if we're not paying attention to it RIGHT NOW:
Cruz in Texas: WINNING!
Rubio in Florida: Losing.
Kasich in Ohio: Losing.
Carson...crickets. Uhhh, why?
Cruz is THE impediment to Donald Trump running away with this tomorrow. It's that clear.

TEXANS, the debate of Rubio, Kasich or Carson should be over. A vote for Rubio will split the vote and benefit Trump. It's that simple: Cruz or Trump.

For the rest of the SuperTuesday states, I'd recommend my advice to Texans!

Like the song goes, "It's now or never...tomorrow will be too late..."


ADDENDUM: Cruz was on Levin tonight addressing those who are still thinking of voting for other candidates tomorrow...
"If you are one of the 65% of Republicans who recognize that Donald Trump being the nominee would be a disaster, then I ask you, even if you like other folks, to stand with us, because the only way to beat Donald Trump is to stand together united..."
TRS: Ted Cruz was on the Mark Levin Show tonight telling listeners that if they are considering another candidate, they should unify and support his campaign because he’s the only one that has defeated and can defeat Trump.

And honestly I think that’s true. Rubio isn’t slated to win any states tomorrow and from the looks of it, Ted Cruz will win Texas handily and do well in other states.

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