Friday, August 15, 2014

Sights on 2016: Media, Hillary distance from Obama

This is no horsesh*t! Throughout the week, Rush has made mention of the Drive-By Media's transition from Obama to Hillary in anticipation for the next Democratic President in 2016...
"Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed it already. If not, I think it's safe to say that the worm has turned in Washington. I think behind the scenes a formal decision has been made on the part of the media, and that is to focus on their treatment of Hillary while casting aside Obama. Obama is over. He's yesterday's news. There's nothing positive to report. It's time to build up Hillary"
"All these journalists know their credibility has been thrown aside, but it's been worth it to defend and prop up Obama. But now it's time for the next Democrat to get elected, so this time throw Obama overboard and gain credibility in that process, so that whenever you say whatever you say about Hillary, it has credibility. So NBC, I think, is gonna tee up 2016 as the Buyer's Remorse Campaign. It's gonna go something like this: "Oh, yeah, sure. We all got swept up in the historic Obama excitement.

We all got caught up in that. We all got caught up in hope and change. We all got caught up in the historical aspect of the first black president. We all got caught up in this blank canvas, that we could make anything of him we wanted him to be. We got caught up in all of that. But the smart, savvy experienced Democrats knew in 2008 that smart, savvy, experienced Hillary was really the better candidate. This is what's gonna be said now, mark my words.

See if I'm right. Remember this. And as you go forward and listen to NBC News and ABC, CBS, all the rest of them, I think what you're gonna be hearing, and it's just to position Hillary, "Oh, yeah, we all got caught up in 2008 and Obama this and Obama that, but remember Hillary came close. She was great and she was the better candidate." They're gonna do their retrospectives, their deep analysis with their analysts on camera stroking their chins, lost in deep thought.

And they will conclude in a very erudite and intellectual fashion, that, yes, Hillary really was the better candidate back 2008. We all got caught up in this excitement, and who could blame us. After all, everybody did. The first black president, it certainly was historic, but let's face it: Hillary was always the better candidate. And let's not make this mistake again, David. Let's not make this mistake again, Chuck. In fact, let's correct that mistake by nominating her this time. This time let's get it right. ...

See, the thing is, Hillary was in Barack's back pocket, but they are gonna have to make it look like Hillary was never really on board. She was just being loyal, but she knew that there were mistakes being made, but he helped her retire her campaign debt. He didn't have to help her out, and he didn't have to put her in his administration. And of course there's the subtext with Bill and the racial stuff, so there's a lot of stuff, but now, now Hillary is the one.

But they'll ignore all these things. They'll do their best to ignore all the similarities -- and there are many -- between Hillary and Obama. And they'll take shots at O when it will help her. ...

I want you to be able to understand it when you watch the news elsewhere, what it means and why it is being done. Benghazi was her and Obama! This effort to say that she had nothing to do with Obama foreign policy is BS. Once more they're trying to make up a bunch of stuff in order to inoculate her from the poison that is the Obama foreign policy. Make no mistake about it. She was right in there. That is the cliche, the dirty little secret."
Because you see folks, for the media, it's Hillary's turn (again), says El Rushbo...

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So, why is Hillary trashing Obama now? Rush has an answer...
"I think Hillary knows, and is convinced, that a whole lot worse is yet to come. What's happening now -- Iran, Iraq, Syria, immigration, you name it -- what's happening now may be bad, may be uncomfortable. But with Obama basically disengaged, uninterested, incompetent, and John Kerry who's no better, what does she know that we don't know that she thinks might be happening in the next two years that she doesn't want to be anywhere near? She doesn't want to be associated with this regime. She doesn't want to be thought of in the same sentence. I'm telling you, I think the reason that she's distancing herself so decisively, so decidedly, and so soon is because she has an idea of how bad it could potentially get, and she doesn't want to be anywhere near it if something blows up."

But don't be fooled again, America...these two always 'hug it out,' because he is her, and she is him.

And in lieu of any serious Republican candidates -- I"m talking about the Mitt Romney/Chris Christie/Jeb Bush trifecta of establishment losers -- she will unfortunately be our next president. It'll be up to the American People to find someone better than any of these miscreants to lead us out of the current mess they've collectively made and set us back on a more righteous course.

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