Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Levin lays out America's fundamental transformation under Obama's Washington political class

"Thinking begins only when we have come to know that reason, glorified for centuries, is the stiff-necked adversary of thought." ~ Martin Heidegger
And the above quote encompasses this President's ideology. On Tuesday evening, Levin took a step back to lay out what's going on in our country.

Obama's no revolutionary, but another Woodrow Wilson experimenter who rejects reason...
"What Obama is doing is obviously intentional, it's with malice of forethought, it's with vengeance, it's with hate in his heart, it's with design. He is deconstructing the constitutional republic that we were born into or that some of you came into this country legally as immigrants."
Experimental immediacy...on Obamacare as well...
"It comes from this notion of abandoning reason, because you are advancing an ideology the way your advancing a false religion."

And the GOP has been a willing participant in the deconstruction of our society and nation with their timidity and outright silence in many cases...
"Have you heard a single Republican in leadership talk to you about the seriousness of what this nation is facing? Have you heard any guests for the most part on our favorite cable channel FOX discuss this in any logical way? No, the Republicans are still acting as if this is the 1970's, or the 1950's. The Republicans are still acting like their the good guys, the other guys are the bad guys. They don't even understand that they've been poisoned by this too. And we have to be honest with ourselves...the prior Republican administration, which had a Republican House and a Republican Senate, was disastrous!"
And the leftovers continue to be! They won't pull back the reigns of an overreaching government, and it's not only exemplified in the constant barrage of assaults on the tea party and constitutional conservatives, but it can been seen in their efforts to redefine what it means to be 'conservative,' replacing it with passive, timid responses that don't address the dire issues at hand.

But back to particular, his pen...
"When one man says, 'if Congress doesn't act, I will, because I have a pen,' he is disenfranchising every single American in this country! Whether you agree with what he's doing or disagreeing with what he's doing as a matter of policy, the fact is, nobody's disenfranchised more Americans...than big, central government leftists who seek to lord over us! There the one's who are disenfranchising us... Every time he says, 'I've got a pen, and if Congress doesn't do stuff, or if Congress doesn't help the folks, I will,' do you understand he sounds like Benito Mussolini?! He sounds like a fascist!"
This is no joke, this is happening NOW!

And finally, rounding it all back to our southern invasion, Levin expresses the sentiment of a majority of Americans, "I'm tired of all the talk, quite frankly. I'm fed up with it!" And the 'just elect Republicans' mantra has grown stale and hasn't worked...
"We're importing the third DAMN world! That's what they're doing! There, I said it! And then we have jerks in this country saying, 'Well, that'll help our economy.' Well, it hasn't helped the economy of Guatamala has it?! My God! Don't you get sick of stupidity? Don't you get sick, I know you do, this is rhetorical, of politicians and their mouthpieces on tv and radio? It's like counter-intuitive. Secure the border. No, we need, SHOVE IT! We don't need comprehensive anything. Alright, here, comprehensive border security! Now secure the damn thing!"

Now is not the time to cower. Now is the time to make your voices heard and FIGHT BACK for GOD and COUNTRY!

H/t: DR

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