Friday, August 29, 2014

A quisling GOP incumbent class won't save America in November either

Folks, this piggybacks off of Rush's point over the past few days, as well as common Levin discussions...from Rubio to Ryan to McConnell, with the likes of Rove and Romney in tow...these are the quislings supposed to take the GOP into victory in November? The Democrats undoubtedly have problems, particularly with their president and every part of this administration's policies...but pardon me if I have a hard time believing in these buffoons with an (R) beside their name either, when they've got no bold solutions to put our nation back on track, and we've observed their failures throughout the Obama tenure...

Laura Ingraham LOLs at Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan’s failed attempts to win over Hispanics
"So these people are following him! You can’t be open borders enough for these people, okay? There’s no such thing as being pro-amnesty enough! …

My gosh, Marco Rubio is one of their best friends! And this is how they’re treating Rubio!

Do you think when immigration reform gets through…do you think all these protesters who turned out yesterday– screaming at Rubio– that they’re suddenly going to be ‘Oh Marco Rubio, he’s our future’…same thing with Paul Ryan!"

Mark Levin: Paul Ryan "has become increasingly liberal"
"Paul Ryan’s written a new book. I want to thank him, he sent me a copy.

Even inscribed it, saying ‘we don’t disagree as much as you think’. I think we do!

Very nice man, but he’s become increasingly liberal. That’s right, I said it! And it’s true!"

"I am sick and tired of these Romney people pushing his name out there like America is clamoring for another Romney campaign! I sure as hell am not! …

He already demonstrated he doesn’t know how to run a campaign…it was a disaster!

Surrounds himself with a bunch of knuckleheads!"
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SIGH: You’re gonna hate what McConnell told CNN but you need to hear it
“Remember me? I am the guy that gets us out of shutdowns.”

Even if we win the Senate, I fear we’ve already lost.

We need to do more than win an election...we need to reestablish conservatism, and therein lies the answer.

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