Monday, August 11, 2014

Limbaugh, Levin sound the alarm: Genocide going on while Obama vacations!

The two heavyweights sounded the alarm on Friday that while Obama vacations at Martha's Vineyard, there's actually a genocide of Yazidis and Christians going on in Iraq...courtesy of those 'JV' terrorist, right Mr. President?

Rush says the media is fretting over Iraq happening when Obama's going on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard...

...while Levin points out that there’s a genocide going on, while Obama vacations at the ‘whitest place on earth!’

LATimes: President Obama started his annual vacation on Martha’s Vineyard as he began the previous four and in the same way he will likely end it: on the golf course.

With barely 24 hours on the island behind him, Obama was already into his second round of golf at a semi-private course with a view of Nantucket Sound. The Farm Neck Golf Club is an Obama favorite; it was his first stop last year, as well.
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ADDENDUM: Oh wait, Obama will interrupt his attend his 401st fundraiser!
WashingtonExaminer: Vacationing President Obama will host his 401st fundraiser Monday night on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., continuing his record-setting pace that has had him collecting checks from donors at events on average every five days since becoming president.

For the president, it’s a sign that even while he is taking some time off to golf and relax with his family, the business of raising money for his embattled party is endless. He should do well, since many of the party’s elite also vacation on the island.

According to calculations from the Washington Post and Republican National Committee, the fundraising pace has picked up, with the president hosting seven party fundraisers in just the last 25 days.
Ahhh, priorities.

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