Sunday, August 3, 2014

More of the same DC BS while on vaca...

More of the same all throughout last week (while I was taking a little vaca): The President acts unconstitutionally, Democrats egg him on, undermining everything America stands for, Republicans cow tow while abandoning principle, fearing the rule of law, and continuing to behave non-conservatively. Unconstitutionality spiraling from an out-of-control Executive that the GOP refuses to oppose in any meaningful way...

On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the ideas from the Enlightenment that the Founder's used and from the Constitutional Conventions about an unchecked tyrannical government and why the separation of powers was so important to the Founders. Mark says we are heading towards absolute anarchy when the Legislative and Executive branches are colluding more and more or why Congress won't put any limits on President Obama's overreaching of his Executive power. Our President is nullifying the Constitution and federal statutes that go to the heart of the American republic.

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: John Boehner has said that the Republicans will not try to impeach President Obama, while the Republican talking heads attack talk radio and conservatives for even wanting to in the first place. Mark explains what impeachment actually is and why it should be pursued. Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors by violating the Constitution and nullifying his duty as President; directly attacking the solidity of the Constitutional Republic that America was built on.

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark takes issue with the talking heads and those in the Republican Party who don't understand the issue of impeachment and who are playing into the Democrats' hands. Mark goes thru the history of impeachment and why the Founder's wanted a legitimate, civil, Constitutional process for addressing a President who conducts himself outside of the Constitutional restraints placed upon him. Meanwhile, you have John Boehner already throwing impeachment off the table and saying it won't be brought up. In doing so, the Republican's don't even realize that they are further delegitimizing a vital aspect of the Constitution. Mark says it's not an issue whether or not to use it now, especially since the Democrats hold the Senate, but rather it's important to understand what impeachment actually means. What happens when the President unilaterally via Executive Order allows for amnesty in a few months and bypasses Congress - what will they do then now that they've said impeachment isn't an option? Andy McCarthy calls in and talks about the Republicans not fighting a smart battle and also about the House lawsuit against the Obama and the problems with it.
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Nothing Makes Sense the lawlessness of illegal immigration, an unsecure border and politicians & donors' desires for amnesty, further attacking the American sovereignty and society at large...

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On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Our politicians want to blame the American citizen for not being receptive of the illegal aliens coming across the border, as if they are the ones breaking the law. We are supposed to be at fault for not wanting our towns and schools being overrun by illegal immigrants, who are breaking the law by coming here and staying here illegally. Mark plays audio from Luis Gutierrez, who praises illegal immigrants and tries to undermine American society. If America is so racist and the American people are so hateful as the liberal politicians are telling us, then why do so many people still want to come here - both legally and illegally? Finally, President Obama says because Congress won't work with him, he will act on his own - where does he get this idea that he can just do as he wants, bypassing Congress?

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