Thursday, August 7, 2014

Obama's African summit stumble (ADDENDUM)

Yesterday, Obama hosted an African leadership summit at the White House. It'd be one hell of a stretch to say that came off without a hitch (as noted in the previous post)!
HumanEvents: I guess events aren’t delivering enough bad karma to President Obama these days, because he decided to go out and make his own bad press on Wednesday. He hosted a summit with African “leaders” – a term that belongs in scare quotes when applied to some of the thugs and kleptocrats who showed up to pose for photos with the American president and his First Lady. The UK Daily Mail called it “Obama’s Monsters Ball.” The only monster who wasn’t invited was Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, which tells you a lot about Robert Mugabe.

The Daily Mail lists the crimes of nine of the worst attendees of Obama’s little shindig, none of whom faced the slightest condemnation from the American president. One of them used the money looted from his impoverished people to buy the jacket Michael Jackson wore in the “Thriller” video, while another treated himself to a million-dollar command performance by Mariah Carey. Paul Biya, dictator of Cameroon, pays off international observers to claim that his stuffed ballot boxes are legit. Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, who elected himself in one of those coups Obama occasionally expresses disapproval of, imprisoned a thousand people on charges of witchcraft and threatened to behead any homosexuals caught in his country. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, so utterly ineffectual at dealing with the Boko Haram Islamist terror gang, is also keen to crack down on gays, although he settles for putting them in jail. The president of Rwanda, halfway through his second decade of power, owes much of his political success to the suppression of free speech, and the tendency of his opponents to die under suspicious circumstances. Even Obama’s homeland… er, sorry, I’ve been watching too much MSNBC, I mean ancestral homeland… of Kenya is a thug state currently facing charges before an international criminal court.

Speaking of the previous post, Rush managed to segue between these two. Reflecting on the rap sheet of associates Obama invited into the White House yesterday, Rush says, "Instead of being amazed that he would refer to Hamas as 'extraordinarily irresponsible,' may you better dig deep and try to find out why he does NOT call them a terrorist organization? Maybe you might look into being curious why Obama is three times as tough on Israel as he is on Hamas in the words he uses?"

"I’ve long thought of Obama as the chief of staff for Hospice America. His ideology is all about making an exhausted nation comfortable on its deathbed, before it fades away into an oblivion it deserves for all its past sins. Polls showing huge majorities of Americans believing their children and grandchildren won’t be able to match their achievements, or enjoy their lifestyle, show that the morphine drip is starting to take effect. Obama’s foreign policy – designed to make it clear America is no longer a major force in the world, and has no right to be – is him drawing the shades in the hospice room and dimming the lights as we drift away. Try not to make a fuss for the bureaucratic nurses as you go gently into that good night. If you need Dr. Obama for anything, he’ll be on the golf course." ~ John Hayward
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“You sound like a kook!” Mark Levin SLAMS Obama for suggesting the US has human rights abuses at Africa summit

ADDENDUM: Via TheRightScoop...
Levin lit into Obama for suggesting that the US has human rights abuses at the Africa summit:
"How dare this man, this temporary occupant of our White House, how dare he bring mass murderers and rapists into our White House! How dare he bring the Muslim Brotherhood in our White House! And how dare he stand there and compare us, in essence, to the most loathsome dictators on the face of the earth.

We may not be a perfect nation. We may have our issues and God knows all countries do. But we are a civil society. We are what’s left of a republic. We have a just rule of law. It’s not perfect but it’s better than any other on the face of the earth.

And I am sick and tired of this man dragging us down to the lowest common denominator. He invites these people into our White House and trashes my country. He should be telling them ‘look at this great country! Look at the food on your plate. Look at our buildings, look at our economy. Look at how we treat one another from all over the world — all ethnic groups, all colors, all religions. Look how we’re tolerant. You should try and copy us.’

Not this crap, trying to drag us down to identify with some of them."

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