Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Levin explains how Democrats promote racism to distract blacks from what they're really doing to them

Proper context. Levin exemplifies what's happened in Ferguson, MO to show how poorly Democrats are doing under the Obama administration and how Democrats use racism to hide it.

After going through a number of statistics, including a jump in black teen unemployment, on top of the lowest recorded black labor force participation rate EVER, both under this President, then addressing what's worked to combat these stats, Levin emphasizes:
"So the answer is, free-market capitalism, conservative traditional politicians. And one of the big problems is the Democrat Party. One of the reasons why the Democrat Party today and its mouthpieces, Sharpton among others, took over that Michael Brown funeral...is because they don't want the American people, specifically they don't want minorities, and particularly they don't want African-Americans in this country to know what they're doing to them and what they've done to them with big, centralized government, destroying their neighborhoods, destroying their families, destroying their local school systems, destroying their communities. That's what has happened! And so, we get this orchestrated effort from the Department of Injustice and Eric Holder, from the Oval Office and Barack Milhous Obama, and the most despicable mouthpieces, like Al Sharpton, distracting the American people and the African-American community from what's really, really punishing them, which is liberalism, which is the Democrats."

In other words, it's easier for the powers-that-be to drag everyone down than to fess up to their failures, particularly those for the people.

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