Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Levin: Obama's payroll 'tax cut' raids SS & Medicare

Republicans, time to wise up!

Now that you've had time to allow the previous post to soak in, let us transition from one Roosevelt to another, with some LBJ policy thrown in there.  Yesterday on The Mark Levin Show, he clarified precisely what Obama is effectively doing to Social Security and Medicare funds by continuing to push for an extension of payroll tax cuts without initiating any real reforms to save these programs…

“Obama has targeted our senior citizens, he has, and he continues to target our senior citizens. The liberals run on Social Security and Medicare all the time. They don’t want to reform them; they don’t want to save them in a way where people who are currently on those programs will continue to get benefits, because that’s how they planned. People near retirement, near eligibility for either program would be protected. Ryan had set that out for Medicare, and then younger people could create their own investments and have other alternatives to Social Security and Medicare, because they’re going broke. There’s simply no question about it.

And yet, as serious as the financial problem is for Social Security and Medicare according to their own trustees – in the case of Medicare, the Chief Actuary himself – Obama keeps draining resources from them. Obama runs around talking about a payroll tax cut that will give everybody $1000 in the middle class. What Obama doesn’t tell you is that money is coming out of the Social Security ‘trust fund’, according to liberal doctrine, that’s been around for over 70 years. Obama wants to take money out of the Social Security trust fund, which he insists exists, which every Democrat in America insists exists, and they have since Franklin Roosevelt, they want to take money out of that trust fund, 1000 bucks a person, while the program is unsustainable. So that program is going to go broke faster than it already is. And I’m talking to you senior citizens or those who are about to retire, specifically.

While he’s running around the country saying he wants to protect the middle class, which he’s all but eviscerated in his redistributive mentality; he doesn’t want to save the middle class, he wants to redistribute wealth. Those are two different things. Save the middle class by unleashing the economy.

But I want to be as crystal clear as I know how: Obama is trying to raid the Social Security trust fund, which he says exists, which he says your payroll deductions have contributed to, and those of your employer if you have one, he wants to raid it of billions of dollars to give everybody a $1000 so-called tax cut right before the election. What do you think of that?

Now this would be the same president who took a half a trillion dollars out of the Medicare program to fund this Obamacare monstrosity to once again redistribute wealth, as Donald Berwick said, his exiting director of Medicare and Medicaid.

So, the two programs that you seniors say are so important to you, Social Security and Medicare, this president is targeting. He’s attacking them. He’s already taken over a ten year period under his law, half a trillion dollars out of Medicare, and he’s already taken tens of billions of dollars out of Social Security, and he’s insisting on taking more.

Now folks, THAT is the argument that needs to be put to the Left, because they’re insisting that Social Security is a trust fund, that your payroll deduction and that of your employer if you have one goes into your specific account, you get a mailing several times a year in which the Social Security administration specifically tells you how much money is in your account and what your benefits are as required by law passed by Congress. When you tell them that there’s no trust fund, they look at you cross-eyed and they try and hype it. So, stick it to ‘em!

They’re taking money out of the trust fund. They’re taking money out of the accounts of people who are retired or soon to be retired, to give a thousand dollar cut, right?

And then in Medicare, which is already turning down people, or turning down different services and so forth…he’s already taken half a trillion dollars out of that over the next ten years.

So my point is, folks, this has nothing to do with the middle class, it has nothing to do with the working class, it has nothing to do with any ‘class’, cause he has none. What Obama is doing is raiding the Social Security trust fund, he’s raiding the Medicare trust fund, to fund his massive utopian programs and to pretend that he’s cutting taxes for the middle class. Isn’t that clever? Not here, we don’t allow it. Gotcha!

Here he is with his Marxist rhetoric (did I say ‘Marxist rhetoric’? Oh yes I did), here he is in Washington, D.C. today… He won’t sit down with Republicans, he won’t negotiate with anybody. He wants to defeat this Congress and win re-election by creating the very scenario he’s running against. In other words, sabotage the process, and then complain about the process. Let me repeat it: Sabotage the process, and then complain about the process. And he thinks we’re too stupid to see it, like with this nonsense about the payroll cut.

Payroll cut? He’s raiding the Social Security fund. I know this for sure, because he says there’s a Social Security fund. Medicare, half a trillion dollars he’s taken out of there.

Are you senior citizens not in the middle class?”

Take note Boehner and McConnell…Mark is helping YOU!

When Obama says, “virtually every Senate Republican voted against that tax cut,” besides making the truth of the matter known that it wasn’t nearly ‘every Senate Republican’, turn that around and tell him what those who voted ‘nay’ were actually voting against: “Every Senate Republican voted against raiding the Social Security trust fund!”

When Obama says, “Now, I know every Republican has sworn an oath to never raise taxes as long as they live,” redirect that snarky comment back to the focus of the matter, as Levin suggests: “And I thought you Democrats swore an oath to never raid the Social Security trust fund as long as you live?”

When Obama asks, “How can you fight tooth and nail to protect high-end tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and yet barely lift a finger to prevent taxes from going up for 160 million Americans who really need the help?” remind him that he signed a law a year ago, negotiated between both parties, leaving in place the current tax rates that were reduced across the board under the Bush administration and have been in place for the past decade, and he then said, “You don’t raise taxes in the middle of a recession,” yet now all he does is campaign on raising taxes on the so-called ‘rich’!

Wake up Republican leadership and pseudo-conservative writers and commentators, and call this man on his contradictions, hypocrisy and campaign-switching strategies if you’re too afraid to call him out for his Marxist tactics!

ADDENDUM: By the way, anyone notice how the Republican establishment seems consistently willing to attack their fellow Republicans (who aren't Romney), effectively eating their own, yet some of these same so-called Republicans don't want to criticize Obama?  We're only allow to discuss the President if it's in approval?  Unreal.

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