Thursday, December 29, 2011

Laffer, Sowell endorse Newt

Newsmax shares a noteworthy endorsement for Gengrich that’s absolutely worth sharing:

Arthur Laffer, the architect of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan, announced today that he is endorsing Newt Gingrich for president.

"Newt has the best plan for jobs and economic growth of any candidate in the field,” said Laffer, the renowned economist who is the father of The Laffer Curve and supply-side economics.

“Like Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts and pro-growth policies, Newt’s low individual and corporate tax rates, deregulation, and strong dollar monetary policies will create a boom of new investment and economic growth leading to the creation of tens of millions of new jobs over the next decade,” Laffer declared. “Plus, Newt’s record of helping Ronald Reagan pass the Kemp Roth tax cuts and enacting the largest capital gains tax cut in history as speaker of the House shows he can get this plan passed and put it into action.”

Another endorsement for Newt, from yet another economist no less, came yesterday as well. I think you’ll recognize an earlier article in defense of the man, as well as the conservative commentator who read it on his program prior to Christmas…

Yes, that endorsement came from the revered Thomas Sowell:

The fact that each of the short-lived front-runners in the Republican field gained that position by presenting themselves as staunch conservatives suggests that Republican voters may have been trying to avoid having to accept Mitt Romney, whose record as governor of Massachusetts produced nothing that would be regarded as a serious conservative achievement.

Romney's own talking point that he has been a successful businessman is no reason to put him into a political office, however much it may be a reason for him to become a successful businessman again.

Much depends on whether you think the voting public is going to be more interested in Newt Gingrich's personal past than in the country's future. Most of the things for which Gingrich has been criticized are things he did either in his personal life or when he was out of office. But, if we are serious, we are more concerned with his ability to perform when in office.

There are no guarantees, no matter whom the Republicans vote for in the primaries. Why not vote for the candidate who has shown the best track record of accomplishments, both in office and in the debates? That is Newt Gingrich. With all his shortcomings, his record shows that he knows how to get the job done in Washington.

Two endorsements from two unquestionably conservative economists in two days…I’d say that’s a positive for Newt, despite his Iowan poll numbers and the Romney-led media attacks.

ADDENDUM: In addition to these endorsements, Peter Ferrara wrote a compelling piece for the American Spectator yesterday, entitled The Case for Newt Gengrich...check it out.

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