Monday, December 19, 2011

Dwindling approval for Obama (UPDATE)

Here's a few headlines that might have been missed on Friday.  For those concerned with whether or not we need a squishy, moderate candidate as our GOP presidential nominee to reign in those all-too-important independents, whom the establishment tell us certainly won't rally around a real conservative,'s some evidence that might point to a different trend...

For the first time a new Associated Press-GfK Poll finds a majority of American adults (52%) say the Democrat should be defeated come Nov. 6, while only 43% say he deserves a second term.

And that's just one of the outlined surveys that Investor's Business Daily documented, spelling disaster for Obama's incumbency.  Likewise...

A new Harvard University survey of more than 2,000 young voters, age 18 to 29, finds their support for Obama, so crucial to his 2008 victory, has dwindled.


The National Journal’s Ron Brownstein takes a look inside some new numbers and writes:
“There’s an ominous trend for President Obama in the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll: not only is his overall approval rating lagging, but he’s lost as much (or even more) ground among groups that favored him in 2008 as among those who resisted him last time.”

Yet with all of that, Obama somehow still manages to maintain slight leads over Romney and Gingrich, those purported most electable GOP candidates. How do ya figure that?

So before you give up on the other candidates, the more conservative candidates mind you, and decide to 'settle' for the soft and chewy, maybe you'll take a harder look at a candidate who will work tirelessly everyday to get America back to its constitutional roots...or maybe you'll stick with the candidate they tell you to go with.  It's our primary to lose, folks, and I can't say I enjoy watching the direction it seems to be heading...

ADDENDUM: Here's a few words that I had with a friend, that I though worth tying to this discussion...

Regaining and holding power is one thing...but why is Principle being relegated at a time when it should be uplifted?! If at a time when the destruction by statist Democrats is at its most visible for everyone to see, then when might be a better time to display a more divergent alternative, and a constitutionally principled one at that?! It's extremely telling when some so-called 'Republicans' at every branch of government, as well as the punditry, are displaying these traits. This is Rockefeller crap, it isn't Reaganism.

UPDATE: Isn't it funny how as soon as a compilation of surveys show Obama losing traction with voters, the usual media suspects (Washington Post/ABC News) come out with their own poll showing a rebound in Obama's job approval?  Coincidence?  Absolutely NOT!  It's all designed to weaken your resolve.

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