Tuesday, December 13, 2011

America: Obama’s stumbling block?

NewsBusters took note of the elevating liberal reactions to Obama’s 60 Minutes interview Sunday night:

Morning Joe remains the home of the overwhelming ratio of liberal to conservative guests. Even so, in recent weeks a narrative unflattering to Barack Obama has emerged around the table: Obama doesn't like his job. He doesn't particularly like people and is in the wrong line of work.

An even more damning appraisal was offered today: Obama doesn't think he has failed America. He thinks America has failed him. Or as Joe Scarborough encapsulated the concept, Obama believes our version of democracy is a "stumbling block to his greatness."

Mark Levin also touched on similar points that Rush earlier discussed yesterday with the fact that these guys are revealing Obama for the narcissist that he is either without even realizing that this is what they’re doing, OR because they’re simply never satisfied and always wanting more.

I’d give some credence to Jennifer Rubin’s assessment as well over at the Washington Post:

President Obama’s appearance last night on “60 Minutes” confirms how severely out of touch he is with political reality. He has become entirely predictable, and his insincerity is unrestrained. There is the phony familiarity, a strained attempt to bond with working-class voters he’s lost. … We passed self-aggrandizement a year or so ago and now have a fabulist in chief.

To add to the severe out-of-touch-ness and his greatness-block, Obama’s also hopeful that our memories have dulled. As Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit points out, Obama told “60 Minutes”, that he “always believed” fixing the economy was going to take “longer than one term.”

Yet, in February of 2009, he predicted quite a different story: that his presidency would be a “one-term proposition” if the economy did not recover in three years.

(h/t CNSNews for the comparison)

As Hoft surmises, “His three years will be up next month and in every major economic category the country is worse off today than it was when he took over," despite October's 'flawless' remarks that "all the choices we've made have been the right ones." Yet another admission that all of this is on purpose.

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