Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chasing the dragon

On the off-chance that you didn't hear about this (unlikely), because everyone from Limbaugh to Levin covered it, I wanted to compile a few of the headlines and responses to former SEIU president, and current Obama fanboy, Andy Stern and his Wall Street Journal piece exposing him and most all of our Democrat comrades in Washington for the Marxist-loving statists that they've become.  Here's a sample of Stern's dribble to kick us off:

The conservative-preferred, free-market fundamentalist, shareholder-only model—so successful in the 20th century—is being thrown onto the trash heap of history in the 21st century. In an era when countries need to become economic teams, Team USA's results—a jobless decade, 30 years of flat median wages, a trade deficit, a shrinking middle class and phenomenal gains in wealth but only for the top 1%—are pathetic.

This should motivate leaders to rethink, rather than double down on an empirically failing free-market extremism. As painful and humbling as it may be, America needs to do what a once-dominant business or sports team would do when the tide turns: study the ingredients of its competitors' success.

Yeah, Andy...which team has given us the pathetic results you're referring to over and over, again and again?  Right, yours!  And as far as the "ingredients of its competitors' success," you know just as well as the rest of us what communist horrors lie just beneath China's facade, yet you conveniently glossed over those.  Here's more than a few words of criticism from others throughout the day...

From Joseph Lawler at the American Spectator: "Andy Stern Hearts Communism"

Today the Wall Street Journal published a piece by SEIU president Andy Stern praising China's economic model. Stern doesn't come right out and say it, but he certainly implies in every way that China's communist system works better than America's free market one.

Of course the claim that China is somehow more successful than the U.S. is simply laughable, and the fearmongering about China "knocking the U.S. off its perch" is ugly. But what's really chilling is that Stern thinks that China's laws regulating the economy can be separated from all its other laws regulating human rights, free speech, freedom of religion, etc. I wonder what a persecuted Chinese Christian or a Chinese woman who suffered a forced abortion would think upon seeing this article.

From Rick Moran at American Thinker: "Andy Stern: In praise of Communist China"

Oh, the irony! If former SEIU Thug-in-chief Andy Stern tried to set up a union independent of the Chinese government, he would be thrown in prison for a very long time.

And yet, here he is on the pages of the (just whisper it, Andy) WALL STREET Journal, praising the Chinese "model" (whatever that is) and gloating over the "death" of free market capitalism.

(Read the rest of this's good!)

Then, as mentioned earlier, the Maha Rushi's extensive critique...

And finally, Levin's assessment during the second portion of Thursday night's program (here starting @ 11:30 into the show): "Have you also noticed that tyranny in its most aggressive form, totalitarianism, whatever nature it takes, that the people who run such regimes always do so in the name of 'the People'? The People's Republic of China, The People's Revolution, or even here in this country, the Working Class, the Middle Class, the People, while they're stealing from you..."

Reading the first line of the portion I referenced above, Levin says, "Just listen to the way he writes, as if we have a free market in this country, and if you support individual property rights, you're a 'fundamentalist'." Yet Stern evades the communist environment produced, that Levin is quick to point out: communist China can't be compared to a free market system; it's a police state! Mark targets the stark reality of the disfunctional state of our union:

"The problem with our government today is that practices and principles that made us the most powerful economic force on earth are being abandoned, obstructed and sabotaged. Our economy is not a free market economy. Where's the free market? Virtually anything you wish to do economically is taxed, regulated or banned.  But with an increasingly growing and expanding federal government, it takes an increasingly growing police state, with more and more police powers, doesn't it?  Andy Stern and people like him rarely ever want to engage in that discussion."

(Levin's discussion is another segment that you should listen to in its entirety...pretty much the entire first hour!)

So while Stern's busy talking up Chinese communism and ignoring the elements that restrain our free market system, perhaps he, Obama, the Occupiers, and many, many more, could use a reminder from the American citizenry on the dangers of communism and the unrestrained benefits of if they'd even get it, because alas, that's the antithesis of their goal.  No, Mr. Stern, you can keep the 'imported double-talk', Make Mine Freedom!

"When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other, through class warfare, race hatred or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives...and we know what to do about it."

History truly does repeat itself, folks.  America, do you remember what to do about it?

"Working together to produce an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values for all. That is the secret of American prosperity."

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