Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally...conservative endorsements?

I realize everybody has a mind of their own among the electorate, their own thoughts, opinions and emotions about our Republican contenders.  Nonetheless, endorsements are always a powerful thing that help us gauge where particular concepts and philosophies reside.  And while there have been many, many endorsements among the candidates already, we've anxiously awaited the supportive decisions of some of the biggest names in the conservative movement...that is, until now!

Perhaps it's finally come to the point where some of these influential outsiders, who speak most vigorously on behalf of conservative Americans, have decided that since the beltway media is attempting to pick our nominee, maybe they should maneuver around that obstacle and help guide the movement towards a clearer path.  And then again, perhaps that's been the idea all along.

On Friday, conservative writer and radio host Mark Levin announced that at this point he's throwing his support to the most consistent conservatives of the bunch, and that comes down to Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.

Also, on Friday's episode of Hannity, Sean asked Sarah Palin if the GOP primary has come down to a two-person race. Palin responded, "I don't think it has come down solidly to Newt versus Romney, no, not yet, because there is still a lot of fluid dynamic going on in this race. And if voters shifted gears and decided that they wanted ideological consistency, then they're going to start paying attention to say, Rick Santorum."

Neither are specific endorsements per say, but I don't think either of these strategists intend for them to be that direct.  Rather, they function as conservative dowsing rods, or a gauge of sorts, to help remind us of what should be the most important concern: not the perfection of the pageantry, but the most consistent, constitutional conservatism in a candidate.  Principle first, if we might be so bold to pursue.

So, will Rush be next?  How about Hannity or Beck or others?  We shall certainly find out soon enough. But these indicators definitely point towards a refocusing and a re-energization, cutting through the media fog that has settled on this important primary, and moving beyond that muddle will provide very advantageous prospects.

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