Friday, December 9, 2011

"It's time to back a conservative!"

After Rush reminded us earlier in the broadcast afternoon of the wrong-headedness of the GOP establishment by consistently pushing against conservatives & endorsing moderates, both past and present...

There is no team, there is no conservative movement that includes establishment types in the media or in elected office in Washington. I hate to tell you, folks, but it just isn't. And instinctively, you know it...and that is why the polls are showing the results they're showing. That is why there has always been the 'anybody-but-Romney' candidate.

...Levin named names & called them ALL out on Thursday evening's program! That's what makes him 'the Great One'. The establishment pundits and publishers, along with the Romney camp, have launched an all-out assault against Gengrich, shunning him for not being conservative enough, when NEITHER are solid conservatives! And this is where Mark makes it crystal clear:

We must support a conservative, not pretenders and so forth. I don't need to be lectured about who can win, and only who can win. I heard that crap in 1976 when I was campaigning for Reagan: 'He can't win.' So Ford wins the primary and gets his ass kicked! I heard that crap in 1980 when the Bushies all came forward to try and fight off Ronald Reagan: 'He can't win.' And Reagan kicks Bush's ass AND Carter's ass, and four years later, Mondale's ass and my buddy Beckel's ass!

There’s only one way this country can be saved, with a conservative! And it’s high damn time that so-called conservative pundits, and conservative outlets, and conservative websites, and conservative magazines start acting their role! And I don’t just mean in their fundraising appeals, how conservative they are, but I mean use their intellectual power, use substance to support a conservative!

Romney is not a conservative. You’ve been going on and on about how Newt’s not a conservative. Great! So is the Weekly Standard going to endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will National Review endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which has it’s own conservative problems with open borders and some other dumbass positions that it takes, will it be backing Santorum or Bachmann? Or are they all going to rally behind Romney? Now all of a sudden they want conservative purity when they apply it to Gingrich, but they don’t want conservative purity when they apply it to Romney. And, of course, they hate all of us. Not everybody, I'm talking about the fools over there who called us 'Hobbits' and so forth, or 'Obama Republicans'. What a stupid line. They detest us, while they ask us to subscribe.

It’s time to back a conservative!

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To note: Levin has officially come out and backed both Bachmann and Santorum, but later in the program, he also mentioned Perry among the conservative alternatives to Romney or Gengrich.

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