Monday, September 26, 2011

Through the wormhole of feigned racial outrage

Prior to Herman Cain’s upset victory in the FL presidential straw poll, there seemed to be a little bit of a dust-up focused around comments from yet another Hollywood Democrat lashing out at the tea party with charges of racism.  This time from a famed actor and host of a current Science Channel program:

Interesting enough, though, I though Freeman had a desire to move away from the ridiculous rhetoric of race:

You heard that right folks…so let’s put the two Morgan’s side-by-side:

(courtesy of aipolitics)

Neil Cavuto asked tea party favorite Herman Cain about the exchange, and here’s his dynamite response:

To venture a step further into this corruptive philosophy that targets groups like the tea party, who oppose the policies of Obama, as somehow racist for doing so, Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center took cameras inside the Congressional Black Caucus Conference to get a response from the question: “Do you think the tea party is racist?” The responses are in one sense not surprising, yet on the other hand, astounding…

Again, we hear Herman Cain called an Oreo…a racially-charged term that denigrates two ethnicities in one instance.  How civil.

Let me take a stab at explaining this mentality from the perspective of a white Mississippi boy growing up with the looming scrutiny of any minute action being pervasively viewed as racially motivated (a phenomenon that takes the negative stereotypes and perpetually cast them onto the state by Hollywood types...I'll concede that it also doesn't help when actual instance of racism do occur, b/c you undoubtedly get "see, I told you so" reactions). I had heard this response before, but once upon a time, I wanted to verify with some black schoolmates in high school, the idea (my personal opinion) that anybody is capable of projecting racism, despite ethnicity. Here's what I 'learned' back then: Only whites can be racist, b/c they never experienced slavery; blacks can be discriminatory, but it's not the same thing (more of a judgmental action), thus it's acceptable...believe that?! Now besides none of these folks ever experiencing slavery for themselves, they nonetheless project that oppression on themselves, and turn it into victimization, b/c they've been generationally indoctrinated to believe this crap through decades of liberal thought perpetuated by the very party that DID INDEED keep them enslaved and segregated! Guys like Allen West & Herman Cain, as well as other names known and unknown, see through this subversive facade, but many in the black community, too many, buy into this hook, line & sinker.

Here’s the simple fact of the matter: The CBC and its supporters, like Freeman, can't cope with the phenomenon that so many Americans of all ethnicities (granted more white than black based solely from simple statistics) are rejecting liberalism and its false teachings of victimization, so it's easier to seize on any perceived color differences and whip out the race card, despite an overwhelmingly colorblind choice of Herman Cain as the definitive straw poll victor following the FL debates. Likewise, they can't see that the tea party wasn't just about Obama entering the White House; rather, this grassroots movement was about the larger scope of coming off a 8-year Republican stint that progressively turned more statist (particularly at the end with the bailouts) and entering a Democrat administration who openly embraces statist policies, outspending and overburdening its people, that includes minorities.

ADDENDUM:  Obama's coping mechanisms are a bit different (i.e., piss off EVERYBODY!)

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