Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A profound message to Bloomberg

Academy Award-winning actor and conservative activist Jon Voight has submitted a poignant open letter to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg concerning his decision to ban religious services at this coming weekend's 10th anniversary memorial of the 9/11 attacks:

“My dear fellow Americans: There is a great injustice that is about take place in New York City on September 11 of this year, that must be brought to everyone’s mind and heart. The good citizens of New York City elected Mayor Bloomberg into office, believing his oath to be responsible for truth, fairness and love of freedom and patriotism. What has Mayor Bloomberg done? He has decided to make a pretty picture of whomever he thinks is worthy of, in his opinion, to be honored on this sacred day.

During this horrific attack, when the Twin Towers were burning and crumbling and people were jumping out of windows, it was the most unthinkable sight that we would witness in our lifetime on American soil. Every American will never forget it. The firemen and police of New York City became a force and energy of God’s love and power, making a decision to give up their own lives to go into these smoke-filled, burning falling buildings, to rescue these unfortunate victims. Many lost their lives trying this unbelievable rescue.

The ones that survived became our martyrs and heroes. They’d be left with many scars and memories of that horrible day. Now what does Mayor Bloomberg do? He decides there is no room for these heroes, or any time to hear spiritual words from our clergymen. What would be greater to heal the scars and memories of these families and heroic men — the political rhetoric and talk, or to hear the spiritual words and wisdom of our clergymen, who understand how to heal hearts of pain? I say make room, no matter how it’s done. Make room for them to be part of a spiritual event, not a political event.

Every American should voice their outrage. May God have mercy on all our lost souls, and may God give us all the strength to look truth in the eye. Let us not be bullied by elected officials whose pockets become heavier with greed and their own egos.”


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