Saturday, September 17, 2011

BOOM! Crony Capitalism takes another hit (UPDATE)

If you've seen the latest Ford ad series with new buyers being surprised by a spontaneous press conference, then you'll get a kick out of their latest one.  Chris, a real Ford F-150 pick-up owner is featured in the new ad, and is asked by one reporter, "Chris, was buying American important to you?"  Chris's response, as well as the fact that Ford decided to focus on this specific Q&A out of the entirety of footage shot, is nothing short of courageous, considering the ensuing scandals of Obama's corrupt administration.

Ed Morrissey's analysis of the ad is spot on:

It’s brilliant in terms of distancing Ford from the anger taxpayers (and potential buyers) feel over the bailouts of Ford rivals GM and Chrysler. After all, taxpayers will end up losing about $14 billion for their trouble, and a lot of investors got screwed in the politically-manipulated bankruptcy proceedings for both companies. Any competitive edge helps, of course, and this is a natural argument — so much so that it’s curious that Ford hasn’t really pressed that point until now.

But it also feels like something more than just a sales pitch, too. The statement that America is about taking risks and enduring failure rather than expecting government to bail everyone out sounds more like a big thumb in the eye of the Obama administration, whose latest jobs bill keeps extending unemployment benefits, and which continues to propose spending billions on subsidies for businesses that can’t succeed on their own — like Solyndra.

UPDATE: The video (above) has been replaced with a new link. Seems the Obama Administration pressured Ford to pull the ad (surprise), but after fumbling around with some PR explanations as to why it disappeared on YouTube, Ford appears to have reposted it to their YouTube account.  These guys can dish it out, but they can't take it at all when they're criticized the least bit.  Ed Morrissey covers the details over at HotAir.

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