Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Obama gaffe-o-rama

The man makes it too easy. For all the grief that the Left gave George W. Bush for 8 years with his swagger and discombobulations, it's especially ironic that our dear leader, who was touted as being infinitely superior both rhetorically and intellectually, has turned into a gaffe-fest of his own devices. Now, of course, you won't hear the mainstream media go out of their way, as with Bush, to point out what's beginning to be common occurrences of cognitive lapses, among his theater of mischief, but if one looks at alternative media (which by the way, is quickly becoming more reliable than the 'standards'), you'll find a cascade of gaffes, insults, lies and coordinated setups.

Let's start with the gaffes. Here's one that's been replayed throughout Monday: the Freudian slip of the tongue...

"...Jew...uh, eh...Janitor..." Nice one...especially after that NY-9 upset a few weeks ago.

Levin pointed out another one on Monday's show that apparently Obama has goofed twice now. Back on the perpetual campaign trail, while touting his jobless bill, he's said that Warren Buffett’s secretary shouldn’t be paying a LOWER tax rate than Warren Buffett, but then turns around and says she shouldn’t be paying a higher effective tax rate than Warren Buffett. As The Right Scoop accurately indicates, "He can’t even keep up with all the lies he’s telling." This is the centerpiece for his 'tax the rich' message, and the man can't even keep his lines straight.

Oh, and this one...just last week when Obama went to tout his not-so-shovel-ready jobs bill before the backdrop of the Brent Spence Bridge that doesn't really need repairs, just expansion, he lobbed another one, "Intercontinental Railroad"...it's Transcontinental Railroad, genius.

And then two weeks ago, when he held his unnecessary address before a joint session of Congress to announce his jobless bill, he re-educated us with some good ol' Republican history. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the "founder of the Republican Party?" Yeah, me neither...

Ed Morrissey of HotAir gives a much more accurate historical telling of the Republican Party's roots.  But at least he got the name of the railroad right in that one...never mind that fudged the accuracy of who did what, as one Human Events reader observed: "Lincoln's government did not build the transcontinental railroad. Government started laying the groundwork going back to the 1850s, but the private sector did the job. Government involvement in the railroads led to some of the worst scandals in American history to that point, notably the Credit Mobilier scandal. So citing government linkage with railroads really undermines the big government case."

I didn't even get into Obama losing his cool while twisting MLK's words and delivering a podium-slapping, boots-marching, tongue-lashing sermon of sorts for the CBC to "stop complaining."  Nor did I get around to the total setup question delivered by another rich liberal at the LinkedIn town hall, in which The Right Scoop ponders, "How ironic it is that the one person Obama picks would be the one rich guy who wants Obama to raise his taxes."  Yes, how contrived indeed.  No, between this, the above gaffes, and his record low polls, I think the irony is quite clear...and sweet.

Quite frankly, this crown jewel should have been the indicator for what should never have been before anyone pulled the lever...

...cracks me up every time...

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