Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just words...

Erick Erickson warned us that all we needed to know about Obama’s jobs speech is (1) the President took Trumka to the ball, (2) the multi-million dollar stimulus-induced (and now bankrupt) solar company, Solyndra, was raided by the FBI this morning, and (3) there’d be no need to be subjected to another speech if his last attempts had actually worked! He was right. So onto the speech…

Mark Levin’s coverage of the speech was by far the most SUPERB way to listen to this dribble…err, I mean, economic revival

This is not the American’s Job Act…this is the SAVE OBAMA’S JOB ACT!

Exhausted, Mark finally decided after 2/3 of the way through that he “can’t take it anymore” because “this isn’t funny, this is stupid.” Obama will take to the campaign trail, blaming Republicans for “blocking all of this” all along the way. Levin concluded his coverage with this challenge: “I dare any of you to make a list of what you’ve heard so far. He’s always painting a picture of the pie in the sky: new schools, more teachers, more employees, buy American, creating jobs, small business. This man is a human wrecking ball. What did he say about the free market system? Did he say one damn thing? What did he say about unleashing the American worker? What did he say about attracting foreign investment and foreign business into this country? Nothing. More of the same, more shell games.”

Afterwards, Daniel Horowitz took a closer look at Obama’s simple math:

Let’s forget the fact that Obama’s entire Stimulus 10.0 is a counterintuitive proposal that doubles down on the very failures that precipitated this speech. Let’s also disregard the fact that enshrining unemployment insurance as a permanent handout will perpetuate unemployment. And more union-induced, short-term money drops on infrastructure will do nothing but stimulate traffic jams. Let’s focus purely on the very numbers that the administration has offered –numbers that would undoubtedly be revised upward, if the plan is passed.

The package currently totals $447 billion, but as Horowitz states, that’s before it will inevitably be revised up.  Oh, and this is coming from money out of thin air!

Out of this entire "pass this jobs bill" speech, to which there is no actual 'bill', there wasn't one mention of energy as a jobs stimulant.  Actually, one Louisiana congressman took note of the jobs-killing policies and felt inclined to silently protest with a succinct message on behalf of his constituents...

This President, his Democrat Party, this Big Government, with all of its cronyism on parade, has had ample opportunity to do what should have been done, but decided to do what they wanted to do from the beginning. As Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator describes, Obama is “a president who has had a full two years of total control of the government to re-arrange the economy to his liking,” upon which Lord equates the President’s song and dance to Britney Spears’ trademark: “Baby, One More Time.”

The results are in, and quite obviously they are terrible. Unemployment, which Obamanomics insisted would be down to 8% long ago, is resting at a stone-cold 9.1% The rest of the economy is a wreck. As Ronald Reagan could have told him and in fact as all manner of people other than liberals did tell Mr. Obama, his approach of a massive "stimulus" followed by a takeover of the American health care system -- "ObamaCare" -- was destined to fail right from the start. Now, the President is reduced to singing the political equivalent of another Spears hit: "Oops, I Did It Again."

And after concluding that, although in all practicality, Obama’s presidency is over, Lord anguishes over the fact that “alas for the American people, they will have to live the seriously real time lesson of Obamanomics for another breathtakingly lousy 16 months. A full and lousy sixteen months until one of the people on the stage of the Reagan Library the other night puts his or hand on the Bible in January of 2013. At which point, former President Britney Spears will lose the power to do it to the American people one more time.” This should be more than our mere hope; this should be our prayer and dedication as Americans who want to see a nation worth handing over to our next generations, devoid of false promises, government dependency, hemorrhaged, budget-less borrow-and-spend practices and the most destructive policies, unsuitable for growth of any kind.

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