Friday, September 16, 2011

The Most Scandalous Administration

I’ve tried numerous times throughout the week to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, to address the numerous scandals plaguing the Obama Administration, but I literally can’t keep up with the amount of information and breaking news pouring out of these, as even newer issues arise. Quite frankly, this Administration is making Nixon’s escapades look like a walk in the park! So much so, that even the media are unable to shield Obama and his cronies from these atrocities. So, let me just post some of the latest revelations…hang on tight, it's a very bumpy ride!

Gunrunner: Operation Fast & Furious

Here's the latest on the one that kicked off the laundry list of scandals.  The amount of resistance and obstruction on this one is astonishing…

Rep. Darrell Issa spoke to Laura Ingraham earlier this week, stating AG Eric Holder’s dangerous ineptitude:

@1:26 - "This thing was dumber than Iran-Contra, and as a Republican I hate to say that, but this was so dumb that there was no chance of it ever yielding the kind of solutions that they claimed it would."
@1:58 - "We have a paper trail of so many people knowing that the only way the Attorney General didn't know is he made sure he didn't want to know. But if you don't want to know something of this sort then you shouldn't have the job he has. And ultimately that's one of the questions is, if he didn't know, is he that inept that he is dangerous to have as the Attorney General, and that is for the president to decide."

Issa also spoke to Bret Baier yesterday, discussing the trail that leads all the way to the White House:

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) says it is now very apparent, if it was not before, that the White House was deeply connected in the "Fast & Furious" mission where guns were trafficked across the US-Mexico border.

HotAir reported Wednesday that the DoJ told GOP investigators that more Fast & Furious guns have been linked to three more murders in Mexico. Issa is fed up with both the ineptness and obvious obstruction in this investigation, and laid into yet another assistant AG…

Here’s another little back and forth, courtesy of CNSNews, between McCain, Napolitano and Mueller…

Denial, denial, denial…

That same HotAir report mentioned above says there may be some good news for the Administration, though: “If you’re caught between two hugely embarrassing scandals, better that the media focuses on the one without a body count, no?” And that leads to the next…

Green Hell: Solyndra

There’s been 24-7 reporting on this one, particularly this week, but the real kicker came with a Solyndra employee who made a call to the Mark Levin Show last Wednesday…

Mark Levin rebroadcasts a phone call received from a Solyndra employee which may have prompted the FBI to raid Solyndra and start an official investigation into White House funding and the events which led to Solyndra filing for bankruptcy. Aired 9/14/2011.

What ensued after that little call, was an FBI raid and an onslaught of investigative reports from ABC, who divulged the email correspondence of White House officials, showing how closely the Administration was monitoring the huge loan…

…to a relatively damning NBC indictment of White House involvement in this “green embarrassment”:

On Wednesday, HotAir reported on the grilling of DoE officials over the Solyndra scandal. It’s been, shall we say, fast & furious
Here’s freshman Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) pulling teeth with DoE’s Jonathan Silver concerning the loan guarantee program:

Likewise, Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) can’t seem to get Silver to say whose in charge of giving $535 million to the bankrupt Solyndra:

“You’re the driver, Mr. Silver. You’re the driver.”

And this scandal just keeps growing…the spigot has consistently turned counterclockwise on this one, as more info comes rushing out…the White House ignored at least three watchdog reports criticizing DoE’s loan controlspending bankruptcy didn’t keep Solyndra from sending cash to lobbyists…and on and on and on (this RedState link echoes my previous sentiment, “Solyndra Scandal looks more and more like Obama’s Watergate”…indeed. However this may only be one of the hydra’s green heads growing out of Sec. Steven Chu’s DoE, as we take a look back to discover another $500+ million loan given to an Al Gore-backed “green” car company. The crony capitalism coming out of this White House is never ending.

And to that point, Levin adds that Solyndra is “the tip of the green iceberg scandal”

Let’s hope to hell that Solyndra proves to be bad for Obama’s reelection…at the very least, for the sake of the money that we’ll never recover.
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Now, onto a brand new beast…

Bombshell: General pressured to commit perjury

White House pressured general to change testimony to benefit Democrat donor.  That was the headline that crossed the circuits yesterday in reference to a report that came from The Daily Beast of all places. HotAir sets this up, “With the White House already reeling over the Solyndra collapse, a new scandal may have erupted today that could make the disappearance of $535 million in taxpayer funds look like a paperwork glitch,” and The Right Scoop joins in to knock it down, “a new pay-for-play scandal is breaking today that involves the White House pressuring an Air Force general to change his testimony to the benefit of a Democrat donor about a wireless project (owned by Democrat donor) interfering with the military’s GPS system.”

There’s limited info on this one right now, but Ed Morrissey pegs the troubling nature of this one, “If the White House has been leaning on the military to mislead Congress in order to benefit Democratic donors, that indicates a whole new level of corruption, one that could seriously damage the non-partisan nature of civilian control of the military.”

Does it not feel like there’s literally a new scandal, or element of an already existing one, brewing daily? Crony Capitalism, something that the Right is constantly being accused of, has run amuck and exponentially grown since the inception of the current administration.  Not only to the extent of what we know, but moreover what we don't know, this could be the most corrupt administration that America has ever seen.

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