Sunday, September 18, 2011

A glimpse of Levin’s next book, perhaps?

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show show, during the first segment of the second hour, Levin took a question from one caller that, although referring to it as a ‘profound’ one, he says, “Well, first of all, I can’t go into it in great, great substance…uhh (chuckle)…for a reason that I don’t want to say right now…but let me touch on it.” Hmm, suspicious. It’s common knowledge among listeners and fans of Mark Levin that he’s currently working on his next book, and he typically keeps a lid on the topic while working towards completion. I’m probably not the only one who noticed that disclaimer of sorts, but I am left wondering if Mark gave us a glimpse of what his next book will be about…?

Question: If the Constitution was to prevent the tyranny that we see, how did we go wrong?

Answer: “Because we have had individuals, both in and out of office, who have made it their objective to delink the society from the Constitution, and they have largely succeeded. And there’s a history behind this, and there are particular individuals who’ve been involved in this, and they have largely succeeded. So even today, when you dare to bring up the Constitution, you’re attacked…”Well, what are you? You oppose Social Security and Medicare? You don’t believe in the highway system? What, you don’t believe in this? You don’t believe in that?”…that’s what’s happened. And now, it’s been institutionalized. So now they are using the Constitution and abusing the Constitution to impose the will of temporary politicians and a massive bureaucracy on us. And the really big turning point came when the Supreme Court, having fought this kind of political heresy, embraced it, endorsed it, gave its imprimatur, and now we call it ‘precedent’, which means to we pedestrians, there’s no way out, because they’re saying “We have opinions, we’ve issued opinions in the past that say this is all perfectly good, and we follow our past precedent, so we’re gonna keep saying it’s good. So it gets worse and worse and worse. And that’s one of the reasons this individual mandate battle is so crucial. If we win that battle in the Supreme Court, it’ll be the first time really, in decades, that we’ve pulled back from the precipice, in that the Supreme Court has finally stood up and said, “No, actually, government, you can’t do that. No actually, government, Congress, the President, you can’t force individuals to do things against their best interest all the time. And this is one of those cases where we’re saying no.” And I promise you, they will be trashed in the most vicious way, the same way Obama and his liberal drone friends attacked them when they dared – in a small way, a very, very small way – to uphold the First Amendment when it comes to political speech. Let me put it to you this way: Liberalism and Constitutionalism cannot work together. They’re incompatible…Liberalism and the Constitution are incompatible.”

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