Friday, December 18, 2015

The $1.14 TRILLION Omnibus fast-tracked through Ryan's House, onto McConnell's Senate, then Obama's desk

A one-week screwjob for the new year. The miscreants in Washington are taking fast-track to a whole new level. Having just agreed upon a backroom dealt omnibus on Tuesday in the cover of the GOP debate, Ryan's House Republicans along with Democrats have now passed a MASSIVE omnibus spending bill, which will be shuttled through McConnell's RINO Senate later today, then signed by Obama before they're out of Washington for the Christmas break. Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? Feels a lot more like a crooked middle finger.
AP: The House on Friday easily passed a $1.14 trillion spending bill to fund the government through next September, capping a peaceful end to a yearlong struggle over the budget, taxes, and Republican demands of President Barack Obama.

The 316-113 vote exceeded expectations and sent the legislation to the Senate for action later Friday. Senators planned to vote on the spending measure in combination with a year-end tax plan that would give breaks to working families and a wide variety of business interests.

With the series of votes, lawmakers were on track to conclude a surprisingly productive, bipartisan burst of late-session legislation in a divided Congress.

Obama has promised to sign the legislation, which includes many of the spending increases he has demanded all year.
'Republican demands'? Laughable. Just as much as the supposed 'breaks for working families'. We know that's got more to do with special interest. And foisting this increased debt onto future generations is called 'productive'. The Democrats gave Obama everything he wanted going in, and the Republicans are giving him everything going out. Where's the opposition to this post-American president? Not in this lot of losers.

House roll call here.

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ADDENDUM: via Friday's Mark Levin Show...
Today, the House and the Senate voted to destroy your children and grandchildren’s future with a massive omnibus spending bill and the Republicans got nothing in return because they are afraid of a government shutdown. The fear of default is not a valid concern as it has never happened during the 18 other shutdowns, but America is in danger of defaulting if we continue on this path of massive spending. Republican establishment types think that giving into Democrats will win them the Presidency. However, the way you win the Presidency is to stand up on principle.

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