Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rubio's foolishness

Sorry, but Rubio campaign's sleazy liberal tactics against a solid conservative, leaked to the NY Slimes and elsewhere, will not win Rubio conservative support; neither will his vote against temporarily freezing the influx of people from dangerous and terrorist-infested countries, in lockstep with his Gang of Eight colleagues including McCain and Graham, which clearly endangers our nation. Conservatives need to speak out and push back. ~ Mark Levin, 12/7/15

Why is it that Rubio insists on smearing Ted Cruz? Reagan sought a true battle over ideas with Democrats and Republicans which is unlike Rubio. Rubio is a talented man but he will only get elected if he treats conservatives like Ted Cruz and the conservative electorate with respect. ~ Mark Levin, 12/8/15
If you can believe it, this Gang of Eight FOOL is now trying to convince the public that he's the conservative to trust when it comes to immigration and national security over Cruz. And he's using the liberal tactics of deception and flat out LYING to get it done...
NYTimes: With help from an allied group that is airing television ads in Iowa, Mr. Rubio is seeking to raise doubts on the right about Mr. Cruz’s toughness on national security — a potentially fatal vulnerability, should Mr. Rubio succeed, amid heightened concerns about terrorism. More quietly, he is trying to muddy the perception that Mr. Cruz is a hard-liner on immigration, asserting that Mr. Cruz supports “legalizing people that are in this country illegally.” ...

Mr. Rubio has taken to tying Mr. Cruz to liberal lightning rods like Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and the American Civil Liberties Union, claiming that Mr. Cruz worked with them “to harm our intelligence programs.” Or that Mr. Rubio is portraying Mr. Cruz as a hypocrite on immigration who backs “a massive expansion” of green cards and of the work visas for foreigners with college degrees and specialized skills.
Levin also spent some time on Monday explaining how Rubio is trying to play each and everyone of us for fools (via TRS)...
But what’s bothering me now is the guy’s not running on his record in the Senate; he’s not running on his positions. Back in Iowa and perhaps New Hampshire he is a fortune, or his PAC is, trashing and lying about Ted Cruz’s record. And I saw him on FOX again do the same thing, that Cruz is weak on immigration, that Cruz is weak on national security and Cruz is weak on defending Israel – now everybody knows that’s false. So they’re cherry picking votes that took place in the Senate in the omnibus spending bills and so forth and among other things, to make that case. …

So they’re going to NOT attack [Cruz] with his actual truthful record but they’re going to pick it to pieces and try and confuse you. And what bothers me about what the Rubio campaign is doing is that’s what liberals do!
Oh, the hypocrisy gets larger. Not only was Rubio the comprehensive immigration reform squish just a few short years back, siding with far Left Corruptocrats Schumer and Durbin, alongside same-sex Senators McCain and Graham, but on Monday, Rubio (alongside far too many Republicans) voted AGAINST the Paul amendment  to prevent the entry of extremists into the United States under the refugee program from these known terrorist-supporting countries. Some national security hawk, huh?

What a maverick.

Looks as if Rubio and others are already a part of the coming bipartisan betrayal on Middle East refugees & visas.

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ADDENDUM: Levin expanded on Rubio's 'unseemly Alinsky tactics against Cruz' in a ConservativeReview piece today that's worth checking out...
...soon after arriving in Washington, Rubio decided to throw in with these politicians – including John McCain and Lindsey Graham and take an active leadership role in the Gang of Eight fiasco. As he runs for the Republican presidential nomination, Rubio has attempted to redefine his position on immigration yet again, resulting in his utter incoherence on the subject.

Moreover, Rubio’s views on foreign policy are also more in line with McCain-Graham pseudo-conservativism. It is a kind of na├»ve and radical interventionism, involving endless demands for American ground forces, that President Ronald Reagan would never have supported – and did not. ...

But my commentary here is not intended as a thorough analysis of immigration and foreign policies, which may come in a later essay. This is a friendly warning to Marco Rubio and his campaign donors, advisers, and consultants that they cannot wash away some of Rubio’s less than stellar legislative actions and related positions and pronouncements by embracing and unleashing Saul Alinsky-type tactics against Ted Cruz or other conservatives. Such unprincipled ambition has not and will not go unnoticed by conservatives.

Rather than proudly standing on his own record, and contrasting his positions honestly with those of Cruz, the latter of whom is clearly the more conservative and anti-establishment candidate, Rubio and his surrogates have launched a propaganda campaign against Cruz in a deceitful attempt to distort his record.

Levin goes on to describe the fallacies behind the Rubio campaign's “Cruz voted against Israel” smear, as well as Rubio's NSA hit on Cruz. Meanwhile, where's Rubio's voice on Capitol Hill?
By Rubio’s own admission, he has for the most part checked out of the Senate and as such has been MIA for fights on many of these important issues.

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