Thursday, December 17, 2015

Case Closed: Rubio ‘molded’ pathway to citizenship bill

"Let me try to make this simple, as a caller put it: Cruz opposed Gang of 8 bill, Rubio was one of its architects" ~ Mark Levin, 12/17/15
It really is this simple. And don't just take my word for it. Schmuck Schumer told the world as much in early November on CNN...

One of the members of the 2013 Senate “Gang of Eight” Senators, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, gives the inside scoop on one of his fellow members who led the passage of the amnesty bill in the Senate, Republican Marco Rubio of Florida.

Schumer speaks in glowing terms of the efforts of Rubio on behalf of illegal alien squatters. He’s asked in an interview, “When you worked with him, how committed was Senator Rubio to getting this big bill through with a pathway to citizenship for eleven million 'undocumented'?

Schumer replies, “He was not only totally committed, he was in that room with us, with you know, four Democrats, four Republicans, some very conservative like Marco, some liberal, for hours a day, week after week after week. And in that room, he was smart, he was well prepared. He knew when to hold and when to fold. His fingerprints are all over that bill.”

He’s asked, “Did he resist the pathway to citizenship for the eleven million?”

Schumer responded, “No, he understood it, he molded it, he made it.
Case closed.

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ADDENDUM: Equally good to know, from Michelle Malkin...

And on Friday, Levin acknowledged that, "Marco Rubio’s former stance on immigration and opposition to amnesty has not been mentioned once by any establishment Republican media or commentators. Rubio has adopted Chuck Schumer’s position on immigration; if he had stuck to his principles he would have been a great leader." Yep. Damn shame, because he's completely abandoned this reasoned thinking:

'Marco Rubio campaigned telling the people of Florida if you elect me, I will lead the fight against amnesty. But come 2013, we made very, very different decisions.'
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