Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Deace truth bomb: 'Trump is trolling YOU'

"Y'all fell for the banana in the tailpipe, AGAIN!"

Ya know, in our modern political era, where both sides of the aisle are exponentially weighted with corruption, I really do think there's room for a new way. HOWEVER, the timing of such maneuvering should occur within the appropriate allotment (i.e., the minute after McCain lost; the second after Romney was defeated). NOW, as we're about to enter the election year, is NOT that time.

So then, why would the Donald threaten the GOP, media and voters with a third party run in some attempt to hold the party's primary and nomination process in essence hostage in the midst of a little controversy? And while he's still the frontrunner in most polls, nonetheless.

There's something more going on here...and I think Steve Deace is already on to it (a message that should be shared, considered and heeded far and wide!)
CR: On his Monday night program, Conservative Review contributor and radio talk show host Steve Deace dropped a truth bomb.

Donald Trump is running the “ultimate troll job” on the American media and the Republican Party.

Everything Trump says is designed to make Trump president. He doesn’t believe anything he says, his statements are all contrived. Trump is that easy to understand.

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