Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RUSH: Why didn’t the question of 'Who we are?' ever come up before Obama moved into the White House?

Because it never was a question before the hate-America-first crowd came to power and installed their imperial One as payback for those of us who love America through thick and thin...
"Steve Inskeep interviewed Obama. First bite, we have question. “Mr. President, we are nearing the end of a year where the question of national identity, who we are, has been a part of one large event after another.” See? I mean, they’re even openly talking about it now: Who we are. “I made a list here, in fact. Gay marriage, the Black Lives Matter movement, immigration, the question of whether to admit Syrian refugees, the question of whether to admit Muslims. All of them in some sense touch on that question of who we are.

“What is the reason, what has caused that issue of who we are to come forward again and again and again at this moment in history?” Another way to ask this question: “Why didn’t any of this ever come up before you moved into the White House? What is it about you, Mr. Obama? What is it about you, Mr. President, that has made this whole question of ‘who we are’ become a question? Why all of a sudden is it a question, ‘who we are’?” I think the question answers itself if you phrase it that way."

(extended clip here)

...so when it's about nothing else but fundamentally transforming America, then it's blatantly obvious that there's no love for her or her people. And we've got another year left of this insurgent...

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  1. Seriously, today he played the race card, it because of his color that people don't like him. Said on CBS new today. What a load of crap, Can he blame his race on his poor judgement or is his lack of experience in anything but lying. Please wake up TRUMP him