Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Here’s what 'crap sandwich' of a spending & tax package Congress was assembling last night (UPDATES)

So, while we were all watching the final GOP debate of the year last night, you may or may not have noticed a ticker message flash across the screen pertaining to the following. This is what the party's congressional leaders were scheming behind the cover of the debate. Just like McConnell and Boehner Jr. to pull this kind of crap sandwich...
DailySignal: Congressional leaders announced the details of a $1.1-trillion spending bill to fund the government on Tuesday night. But with spending levels already predetermined, lawmakers were more concerned with what policy provisions were attached to the legislation.

The spending legislation will be introduced with a package renewing billions of dollars in tax breaks for businesses and low-income Americans. Text of the 2,009-page spending bill was released at 2 a.m. Wednesday; the separate 233-page tax-extenders bill was released just before midnight.

The result of the secretive negotiations is compromise, with both Republican leadership and Democrats claiming wins.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are able to brag about at least some policy provisions included in the spending bill, most significantly measures ending a 40-year-old ban on oil exports and stopping what Republicans refer to as a “bailout” of Obamacare’s risk corridor program for health insurers.

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., were able to block most of the high-profile provisions conservatives sought.

The bill does not contain measures restricting the Syrian refugee program, ending funding for Obama’s executive actions on immigration, or defunding Planned Parenthood. Conservatives also opposed the price tag of the$1.149-trillion spending bill, which was set by the Bipartisan Budget Act last month.
Heritage Action for America chief executive Michael A. Needham said the package represents the most sweeping changes to tax policy since 2012.

“In fewer than 48 hours, lawmakers will likely be asked to vote on two massive bills that were negotiated behind closed doors over the past several weeks,” Needham said. “Heritage Action is reviewing both bills and will educate conservative constituents across the country on the policies buried in all 2,242 pages.”

Before his Oct. 30 departure, former House Speaker John Boehner helped negotiate the Bipartisan Budget Act with Obama that set spending levels above caps negotiated in 2011. Upon becoming speaker, Ryan has said he was left in a difficult position, referring to the spending bill as a “crap sandwich.”
Who's serving up the crap sandwich now, Paul?

Democrats are celebrating that conservative policies were taken out of the omnibus spending bill and Paul Ryan is helping to pass this. ~ Mark Levin, 12/16/15
See, this is what compromise looks like when defeatists and quislings lead the opposition...
DailySignal: Democrats are claiming they scored significant policy victories in the omnibus spending bill.

Hours after the mammoth spending bill dropped, Democrats are counting their triumphs, outlining conservative policy riders and priorities that were not included in the final spending bill.

A top Democratic Senate aide summed it up in a single tweet. Adam Jentleson, Minority Leader Harry Reid’s deputy chief of staff, wrote:
Reid credited Democrats for working to help craft a “good compromise.”
Early Wednesday morning, the Democrats of the House Appropriations Committee released a summary detailing Republican provisions left out of the bill.
UPDATES: So here's our damn Christmas gift from Washington! The House approves a deceptive $622B tax plan; now on to the Omnibus BEAST. Wonder if Rubio will be voting for this one alongside Ryan? Then somehow blame that on Cruz too!

Illegal immigration is about to get a MASSIVE boost from Congress
Republicans in Congress are about to give illegal immigration a $1.6 TRILLION dollar boost through 2018!

Furthermore, here's 5 ways the Republican-passed budget COMPLETELY caved to Obama’s agenda!
  1. They Took Our Jobs!! Quadruples Legal Immigration
  2. Will Allow Obama To Bring In Tons of Syrian Refugees
  3. Gives A BILLION DOLLARS To Mexico And Central American Nations
  4. FULLY FUNDS Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Aliens
  5. Funds Billions In Tax Credits For Illegal Aliens
TheRightScoop adds, "And people wonder why Americans are fed up and distrust anything that any politician says. How come we’re not hearing about any of this from the candidates? You would think all of this would have been perfect fodder at the debates, but it wasn’t mentioned ONCE!!!" The answer to that is that it was all closed-door, backroom dealt behind the cover of Tuesday night's debate and the surrounding controversies.

Damn right, it's time to get RAGEY! The GOP has betrayed us yet again.

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