Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LEVIN: 'It's time to have a national discussion' about Sharia law, Islam, refugees and immigration

"It's not about you and me, ladies and gentlemen. It's not about our values and our belief system. It's about who people are, who may wish to come into this country...who do come to this country and do us harm."
Levin says this is why the political class wants to talk about guns, Trump, whatever else, "They DO NOT want to talk about the problem."

Regardless of who your candidate is, Mark makes some excellent points here, as well as Andy and Ted...

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Once again Donald Trump has opened the way to have national discussion, this time about Islam, Sharia law and immigration from the Middle East. The vast majority of Muslims are good like everyone else, however a large minority of Muslims follow Sharia in a way that is incompatible with American values. Donald Trump’s comments about temporarily not letting Muslims into the country were not unconstitutional, but have precedent. Also, Andy McCarthy calls in to talk about Islam’s political ideology. Later, Sen. Ted Cruz calls in to discuss national security, Islam and defends himself against team Rubio attacks.

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