Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A time for truth: Conservatives seeing the light on Trump, the path for Cruz

It's interesting that this occurs a mere week after Steve Deace's truth bomb. Nonetheless, are conservatives finally starting to see the light on who Donald Trump really is?

Limbaugh called it a "huge mistake" and a "red flag" for conservatives...

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Levin says Trump "really screwed up" on Scalia, Cruz and Ethanol, saying that anyone even ‘moderately conservative’ disagrees with him...

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Backing up Levin's assessment, Beck flashbacked to a 2011 discussion from Levin to remind viewers of Trump's past campaign contributions...

FoxNews, who really cares little for either of these men, took note last night as well, comically dubbing it the 'end of the bromance'...

So again, are conservatives starting to see the light on Trump? Michael Yaffee explores this question...

Upon that realization, it can equally be asked if conservatives are finally seeing more clearly on Cruz's path?
TRS: For the first time, Ted Cruz is now #1 in the USA Today political power rankings, with their experts saying they now see that he has a clear path to win the nomination:

It's a time for truth, folks. Let's get this right.

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