Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whittle: The criminal arrogance of Hillary, Obama and the Washington ruling class

I haven't said much about the latest Hillary Clinton email scandal, because, well let's face it, the powers that be, colluding with the state-run media, want to pile it onto the pyre of the Obama regime's nontransparency and let it burn away in excuses like everything else. But folks, we shouldn't allow this arrogance to be excused ANYMORE as Bill Whittle contends...
30,000 deleted emails... Bill Whittle looks at the lawlessness, the arrogance, and the unmasked contempt that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have for the American people.

She won't do jail time, probably not even a fine. But did you catch perhaps the more important tidbit in terms of her further public ability to participation in the destruction of our society?
...and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.
~ U.S. Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 101, Section 2071, Paragraph b
That's what the law says. So when she shows up on the ticket in the Democratic primary season, rest assured it will be unlawfully so. But what body of government will uphold the rule of law when lawlessness has corrupted them all?
TruthRevolt: The lawlessness is endemic in this administration. But beyond the lawlessness is, of course, the contempt. The contempt for the very idea that these Harvard and Yale Law School grads have to actually, you know, obey the law. The contempt for the American people’s right to know what their elected officials are doing. And beyond all of this, the towering, monumental, criminal arrogance of it: that the official business of the United States of America; the nation’s diplomacy, strategy, defense posture, privileged communications between our allies and in point of fact every particle of our nation’s foreign policy was being discussed and archived in a single box in either Texas or Manhattan or wherever the hell it is; that this server’s basic, routine, Microsoft security updates – the kind you and I get pestered with every day -- were not complied with; that the vital security interests or in fact the very lives of 320 million people did not warrant the effort to even obtain a unique encryption certificate but rather used the same one issued to thousands if not millions of users; all of this gets to the heart not only of who Hillary Clinton is and the contempt in which she holds the American people. It is deeper than that.

When the President of the United States gets an official notification from his Secretary of State from, or any email that does not end in dot gov, then he too is complicit in this lawlessness, and for the same reason.
Where's the observance of the rule of law when the checks and balances no longer hold the branches responsible? They've already surrendered checks on an out-of-control executive, who also happens to be tied to Mrs. Clinton's scandal.
This country was founded to be rid of the incompetence, reckless arrogance and casual stupidity of Kings and Queens who acted as though they were above the law. If we let these crimes go unpunished it will die of that same parasitical disease.
How many times must we continue to be warned before it's too late? Will there be a turning point, or are we destined to fall from the precipice? With clowns like these, it's assured.

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