Friday, March 27, 2015

Military officials say allies no longer trust us

Gee, wonder why?

HotAir: Just how badly has Barack Obama and his administration damaged relations with our allies in the Middle East? NBC’s Richard Engel reports that the Sunni nations in the region have begun to fear that the Obama administration leaks intel to Iran as part of its efforts at rapprochement with the mullahs, which is why the US got blindsided by the Saudi-led coalition’s operations in Yemen. The White House’s “incoherence” in policy, Engel reports, has most of them losing confidence in American leadership, according to Engel’s contacts.
What a disaster of a foreign policy this president is making of world relations. He won't even meet with the freakin' NATO chief!

Once again, Levin's got it right...
"So, Obama's dissing NATO, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Congress, the Courts, the American people, the Constitution. This guy's having a blast! 'I'm president and not a damn thing anybody can do about it. Not a damn thing! And if they do, I'll call them racist! And if they do, I'll leak confidential intelligence information! And if they do, I'll just do something. I'll smear them.'"

And what are Republicans doing?
"And there they are sitting, the Republicans in Congress, like a bunch of sorority girls, I'll be perfectly honest with you. Not that there's anything wrong with sorority girls, unless of course you're a 65-year-old man, then there's something wrong, if I'm saying you're like a sorority girl. And there they are, the sorority girls in the Senate and the House, 'He can't do that; that's unconstitutional. He can't do that; we get to vote on treaties. He can't run this through the UN; no he can't. He can't do this; he can't do that.' What are you going to do about it? 'Well, we're certainly not gonna shut down the government.' Well, then you're lost; you've got nothing. 'Oh, and we're never gonna get rid of that filibuster rule and put these bills on his desk.' Why? 'We believe in tradition.' So here's the guy BURNING DOWN THE CONSTITUTION, and these fools are wedded to a Senate rule that prevents them from challenging him."
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