Friday, March 20, 2015

James A. Baker III: Another reason to say HELL NO to Jeb Bush

Looks like Barry's not the only Jew-hater lurking about...Jeb's keeping company with the likes. Wow, both sides are melding together in more ways than one...
MarkLevinShow: James Baker III is now advising Jeb Bush on foreign policy in his presidential effort, at Jeb's invitation. Just like Obama, Baker hates Israel and criticized the Senators who signed the letter to Iran. Why would Jeb bring this man into his campaign?

TRS: Mark Levin exposed on his radio show how Jeb Bush is willfully getting into bed with the “detestable and diabolical” James Baker, a man Levin says has a hate-on for Israel much like Obama. Levin says Jeb Bush has invited Baker to be his TOP foreign policy advisor for his campaign and that Baker is also going to keynote the upcoming J-Street conference, a conference Levin says is full of self-hating Jews.
Joel Pollak gives us a little more insight into the J-Street malcontents, as well as some troublesome tidbits about Baker...
Breitbart: Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III is to deliver the keynote at this weekend’s J Street conference, a gathering of left-wing activists opposed to the Israeli government and to recently re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Baker, who served under President George H.W. Bush, is also advising Gov. Jeb Bush on foreign policy in his presidential effort–at Bush’s invitation. Baker is considered hostile to Israel and is controversial among Jewish voters.

As the Algemeiner notes:
Baker is of course infamous for reportedly saying in private conversation, while George HW Bush’s secretary of state, “F**k the Jews, they didn’t vote for us anyway.”

But his antipathy towards Israel is well documented. He wanted the US to punish Israel for destroying Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. He hated Netanyahu as early as 1990, barring him from entering the State Department’s building. And last but not least, he co-wrote the Iraq Study Group’s 2006 paper that recommended (among other things) that the US tilt its foreign policy away from Israel and towards Syria and Iran, advice that President Obama seems to have taken to heart.
The J Street conference will also feature Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, a firebrand who propagated the lie that Israel committed a “massacre” during counter-terror operations in Jenin in 2002. The Obama administration is sending White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to headline the conference. J Street actively opposes Benjamin Netanyahu and the conference is expected to provide an opportunity for his American critics to vent.
Baker went on to express his enthusiasm to be on "Team Jeb", how Bush enlisted him as an advisor after discussing foreign policy, and how he was critical of the GOP letter to Iran, saying, "I’m a creature of the executive branch." Yeah, Mr. Baker, we've got WAY TOO MANY of those, and THAT'S THE PROBLEM!

What is it with the imperialism of the ruling class and the hostility towards the Jews?! And haven't we gotten enough of both from the progressive Democratic wing? Supposed Republicans like Jeb Bush evidently think not by dragging it across the aisle.

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