Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ted Cruz was on MSLSD, and it was pretty EPIC!

Some moments are just are those remaining handful of elected statesmen. Here's the one at the top of that list, who has no fear of the left...something to seriously consider in PRIMARY season, conservatives!
ChicksOnTheRight: In Tuesday’s appearance on “Morning Joe,” Cruz ruffled some feathers. And by “some feathers,” I mean Mika Brzezinski’s. She looked so dumbfounded. So irritated. So confused.

She especially hated his stance on the whole Iran letter. When asked if he would sign it again, Cruz said, “I would sign it in large print so that the ayatollah wouldn’t need his reading glasses to read the signature.”

But Brzezinski couldn’t get past the fact that Cruz and other members of Congress would dare get in the way of the Obama administration’s genius “let’s make a deal with Iran” idea. So Cruz actually had to explain to her how you pass laws here in America. I’m not even kidding. And she couldn’t get past the fact that Constitution gives Congress a vital role in law making. Still clearly confused, she suggested that “undermining” the president on this Iran deal would lead us to war. Again, she’s dead serious.

And the look she gives Cruz when he talks about the Constitution being awesome? PRICELESS.


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