Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Show me when you fought!' Cruz takes on RINOs at CPAC

Cruz ANNIHILATED at CPAC on Thursday! But it wasn't necessarily what he said about Obama, Hillary and the Washington elite that struck a nerve. Rather, it came down to the question he posed to Republicans pretending to be conservative...
Show me when you fought!
PJMediaTellingly, Cruz used the opportunity to explain what he believes has to be done to put America back on track.

“We need to take the power out of Washington and bring it back to the American people,” Cruz said. And then he went after his fellow Republicans. “Every single person here,” Cruz said, pretends to be ultra conservative now, but how did they actually vote in the past? “When have you stood and fought? If a candidate says they oppose a nuclear Iran, fantastic! When have you actually fought?” Cruz continued:
"If a candidate says they oppose the debt ceiling and the debt that’s crushing our kids and grandkids, we should ask show me where you’ve stood up to stop it. If a candidate says they support the First Amendment or free speech or liberty, if a candidate says they support the Second Amendment—the right to keep and bear arms—we should say show me where you’ve stood up and fought to protect them."
And then came the death blow: the question isn’t whether there are any Republican candidates for president who have stood up to Democrats, but “when have you stood up to Republicans?”
The response of the audience, as well as conservatives online, yet again proves that there's a genuine hunger for a candidate who can take the fight to both Democrats and the RINO leadership alike.

Just looking ahead at the schedule, it should be interesting to hear what Mark Levin concludes with on Saturday, after Mush Bush speaks on Friday...perhaps we'll hear something about that on Friday's program!

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ADDENDUM: Levin played clips of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Carson & Scott Walker at CPAC...

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