Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pay attention to the national security crisis confronting America

"Our enemies are on the move, and we sit here, and we take it!"
Lots of pop culture degradation going on out there, but if more could pull themselves away from the freak shows for a moment, they might discover some serious troubles afoot in our national security. While Big Government remains insistent on the necessity of state-run security for American citizens at the cost of our liberties domestically, this administration and its media sycophants appear to play down or virtually ignore the external threats...

MarkLevinShow: Communist China attacked America and it's amazing how it's not a big deal to most people. We're in a cyber-security war, with China building a vast database of stolen information from our government database. The problem is our government is getting too big and getting bigger; it's growing and imploding at the same time.
There was more elaboration on this incursion during Friday's program...
It wasn't a group of Chinese hackers that broke into our federal data systems; it was the Chinese government. They've been caught red handed stealing our information, yet the Chinese foreign minister is acting like a victim and believes it's irresponsible for the U.S. to charge China for the hack. China is building an army much larger than a regional force and they're on the move; all of our enemies are.

Levin's precisely right in describing our piss-poor government's handling of this:
"It's a new world out there, it's pretty ugly, and already this administration is demonstrating it's not up to the task. It's so busy redistributing wealth, it's so busy destroying the private sector, it's war with the cops, it's undermining national security. It simply doesn't have time to do what a real administration would be doing. ... Our government is incredibly incompetent. It gets bigger and bigger, and worse and worse. The law abiding citizen who tries to comply with all the rules and regulations, even though it's impossible because we don't even know what all of them are, we're the target. Not lawbreakers, not terrorists, not enemies, no, We The People, as the iron fist tightens and tightens and tightens around our liberty."
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